JAZZYFRESH - 4:01PM UTC, Feb 7th 2010

Hello , my name is yolanda and I'm new to ck. This week I want to focus on just writing in my diary. I love my being in my thirties , although i feel over whelmed by the media exhibition of being 20. It drives me crazy, as if anyone out of that age range is old,fat and ugly.uhhggg! anyway it's a pleasure being here and I hope to meet wonderful people to go on this journey with.

ERICALYNN31 - 7:31PM UTC, Apr 21st 2010


HI Yolanda Im Erica and new to started about 2 weeks ago. I love this sight it is great I have never been so in to eating healthy or at least trying. I have missed about 4 days so far with logging in my diary but dont plan on doing that again. Good luck

sw 250 or so
ck sw 220
cw 215.6
gw 165