Love/Hate 30's

LBREED - 3:47PM UTC, Dec 28th 2008

Hello. I am thirty-four with no children. Finding it much harder to lose than in my twenties. I can just imagine how hard it is to lose once you've had kids. I am losing about one pound a week. However, this Christmas week I have stayed steady. Working out six days a week (just moved to Canada and can't work until January) staying at or under my calories but still not losing more than one pound per week. I think I need to change what I eat. I may be staying at or under my calories but am not eating healthy throughout each day.

JACQUE930 - 3:08AM UTC, Jan 15th 2009

You are right Thinurs - Being an example. Be that example for your children. I do not have any kids but I see it everyday with friend and family. If the parents set a good example with food, the kids tend to do so as well. Oh and my sister in law can confirm the breast feeding and magic weight loss! She's had 5 kids and well looses the weight thus far.. breast feeding has helped!

Even not having any kids, I want to be healthy. I want to be a good example for friends and family. I have a couple friends whom I try to encourage to exercise. I also am working with a friend by talking about how are day went. Choices we made in food. We both have a sweet tooth and so we can help hold each other accountable.

LBREED - 1 pound a week is still good! Healthy choices help. I know from personal experience. When I eat better foods, I feel good. When I eat junk food, I do not feel as energized. Wait.. I need to make a note of that for myself and remember that more often!

30's and I am going to choose to Love them!

THINURS - 3:04PM UTC, Jan 14th 2009


As an encouragement, I found that my son's arrival actually made it a lot easier to lose weight. Between the lack of sleep and all the running around after a toddler you really burn off a lot of calories.

Plus, it's much easier to think about healthy eating for healthy eating's sake when you have a little one around for whom you are modeling good eating behavior. My first success with weight loss that stuck occurred because of the new motivation of being a good example.

There's some scientific evidence that children who have overweight or obese parents have a higher chance of being overweight or obese themselves. Some of that might be genetic, but I bet a lot of it is behavioral. In any case, just an idea for the after kid thing (oh and breastfeeding is like the magic diet solution that I was always looking for - it burns so many calories!)


JKRUNNING - 10:08PM UTC, Dec 28th 2008


Eating healthy is my problem too. I eat horribly, I'm working on it though.

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