MELISSAMOORE88 - 2:36AM UTC, Jan 6th 2009


I will be 30 in March...hope I am not to young to join! lol...I figured I was close enough. Married w/ three kids...full time college student.

I have joined calorieking before, but never really stuck with it. I have managed to gain 10 pounds over the holiday so needless to say I am a bit annoyed with myself. Joined back up today and am commited to getting the weight off. I would like to lose at least 30 pounds.

Anyways just wanted to say hello!!


JACQUE930 - 2:57AM UTC, Jan 15th 2009

2009 will be the year!! I'm making it my year. I'm 31 and I joined CK 3 days ago. I joined to make a lifestyle change. I can stand to loose 10-15 pounds. I've been working out on and off for 3 years. But not being consistent has caught up. I weigh the most now than I ever have in my entire life! So time to make the change in 2009. For all of us.. for our health.. to live life! :wave1:

ZAPAQUI - 7:48PM UTC, Jan 14th 2009

Hello. I am not so new to CK (joined last March) but was never consistent with it. I am turning 31 in five weeks, and I have been promising myself to become fitter and healthier. So maybe 2009 will be the year for this. (I am crossing my fingers anyway.)

- Abigail

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THINURS - 2:56PM UTC, Jan 14th 2009


Congrats on restarting your healthy lifestyle.
I'm new to calorieking this past week - We'll see how it goes. I also gained over the holidays - all that chocolate.