Newbie here!

CARCOL - 6:24AM UTC, Dec 30th 2008

Hi All,
I joined CK early Dec. 08 and I haven't been consistant with it. So today will be day 1.
I am also starting to eat better which for me, comes in some sort of diet....I chose the Dr. Ian Smith Extreme Fat Smash doesn't seem to bad but I've never made it past Day 1...
I need some type of Diet so I can stay on course, this diet consist of veggies and fruits with few carbs so it's what I need.

I am 32 year old single (no kids) female from NJ, I am currently not working which should make it easier to work out. I should start my new job at the end of Jan. 09 so I want to get a jump start on things. I travel alot for work, so it makes it hard sometimes to stay on course. Just like most people, I hate to workout, because I hate to sweat.....I love sweets and cheese.....but I will learn to cut those things out, for now.

There are so many reasons why I need to loose weight and feel better, I can't even begin with a list. I'll be here forever but the main reason is that I was diagnosed with a mild thyroid condition, so I need to get control of this before it becomes really bad.

I wish you all luck and I am here if you need me.....


COSMO77 - 4:52PM UTC, Jan 28th 2009

Redmond, WA

Hi Carcol! Way to re-commit - how's it going so far?

Have you thought about not "dieting" per se, but just trying to reach your calorie goal each day? I've found it much easier to concentrate on the calories and let the food choices self correct. I too love sweets and cheese but when eating those "breaks the budget" and leaves me hungry, it's much easier to gravitate to fruits, veg, whole grains, and proteins. That said, when you just HAVE to have chocolate or {insert your food of choice}, you can have it without feeling guilty. You just might have to sacrifice FOR it, not sacrifice IT altogether! Anyway, that's what's been working for me, for what it's worth.

If you want some exercise without all the sweat, join a few of us in the 200 situps and/or 100 pushups challenges over in the other thread.

HW/SW: 212
CW: 198 - 24.6% of goal achieved!
GW: 155

THINURS - 2:58PM UTC, Jan 14th 2009


Keep up the good work - I know that Thyroid issues can really make it hard to lose weight. I have two friends that have the same problem. Both have lost weight after an initial gain during treatment!