out of excuses

ERICALYNN31 - 7:24PM UTC, Apr 21st 2010


Hi Im Erica & out of excuses . I am 31 years old had my first child when I was 17 I gained 130 lds with him ya i did loose about 80 lds right away but still had 50 more to go did not start to lose that until I was about 27, 28 and guess what baby # 2 came. I started off at about 210 and ended up at 248 lds. Back in september I started going to the doctor and he started me on a medication O boy did it work I lost about 30 lds with it in about 4 mon then it just stoped working so I just gave up. I tryed getting back into eating better & working out but always came up with ill do it tomorrow. Then in Jaunary my mother became vary ill, she was in the hospital for about 2 months when it hit me and it hit me hard all the things iv been going through with my mother and still going through I did not want my kids to go through. So I started looking on the internet to find different programs I could start and found this ( by the grace of god). I never looked at it as a life style change I always wanted that quick fix. I still have my excuses but since finding CK my excuess dont last but a day or 2. I dont know just wanted to share my store with someone Thanks Erica

CNEILL - 7:43PM UTC, Jun 28th 2010

Fayetteville, AR

Would you mind telling me the name of the medication you were on?