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GRAMMYV - 2:01PM UTC, Mar 17th 2010


=D I changed my name from lvillagomez. GrammyV suits me better. I have been going for a week now. I lost 3 lbs last week. I'm happy but I remember when I was younger the first week of a diet, I would lose a lot more. I am trying to tell myself that it is a step in the right direction and after a month I could be down 10 lbs. I am working on the mind set that this is a life style change and after a year, I will be in a much better place!!!

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TENACITY - 7:08PM UTC, Mar 21st 2010

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Grammy V think of it this way....

The longer it takes you to take it off the longer it is going to STAY OFF. Rapid weight loss is often followed by rapid weight gain and a little more on the side :-).

Yes we are all older, and with that comes the age related physical changes. However, as we age we also become wiser, n'est pas?

Welcome and congratulations on your current accomplishments. Remember that whatever the number,....even an ounce lost is better than an ounced gained!

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GWALTNEY153 - 4:52PM UTC, Mar 18th 2010


I agree with Schmidtd7. You are in the right place and doing the right thing. You can do it but it takes time. Like you said this is about a life style change. That is so true. Just keep plugging away and you will be amazed at where you are a month from now.

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SCHMIDTD7 - 5:09PM UTC, Mar 17th 2010


Good for you!! Yes, you are on the right track :)

I just keep telling myself to keep at it. It will happen.
have a great day!