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LVILLAGOMEZ - 4:07PM UTC, Mar 11th 2010


I have been fighting my weight for 25 years. The kids are gone & my husband is supportive. I need to get off the pot once and for all. I recently had some health issues that made me realize, I need to take better care of myself. My husband runs marathons and we are 5 years from retirement. I need to keep up with him and be able to enjoy what we plan on being an active retirement. When I look back, I think I waisted those 25 years. So now I am looking forward. In five years I want to look back and be happy to have the weight behind me once and for all.

GRAMMYV - 6:25PM UTC, Mar 16th 2010


Changing user name to GrammyV. Suits me better!

LVILLAGOMEZ - 7:29PM UTC, Mar 12th 2010


1 to 2 lbs a week is at least 52 lbs a year. Won't you love looking back a year from now!!!!
Keep up the good work.

ROBINU2 - 6:09PM UTC, Mar 12th 2010

Hello Newbies! I have been on this program since January 1st and have lost 16 pounds! My goal is to monitor my calories long term when I reach my goal to avoid falling back into my old habits and worse, my old body! LOL! I am really more interested in the health benefits. When I walk, I feel lighter. I can tell that my body is not working as hard and that feels fantastic!
Remember, time flies whether or not you stick to your plan. 9 1/2 weeks I have been on track and it is so worth it. Hope you all have a great weekend and feel free to keep in touch for support or eating ideas. Talk to you soon, Robin

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JULIETTA - 8:27PM UTC, Mar 11th 2010

Portland, OR

I've been on CK for 9 days and have also lost 4 pounds. It's a nice way to kick it off.


Highest weight, back in the 80s... unknown but somewhere above 225.
Maybe a lot above. It's all a dreadful fog.

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SCHMIDTD7 - 7:55PM UTC, Mar 11th 2010


Hi, I am also 51 :-) I've been on CK for a week and a half and love it. I'm getting results so that makes me want to keep at it. so far I've lost 4 pounds. I know it always goes quicker in the beginning. I'll be happy to lose 1-2 pounds a week. Good luck you can do it.