JANIS2848 - 1:20PM UTC, Apr 13th 2011

I am at an age where I really have problems losing weight. Last year I regained 30 lbs ater losing 70 lbs two years before that. I have not been able to lose any of it although I have tried since last fall. I would like any input as to how other people lose weight when they are 60 and older.

DARCOT - 10:57PM UTC, May 1st 2011


I am so with you on the sloooooowwww. Like Carla said, it just seems to be the case!! In March I lost only .8 lb for the whole month. But last month I lost 5 lbs. Who knows what May will bring!! I sure don't. But if we stick to the plan and log, get those green checks and move, it does work.

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OFFICE1 - 6:47PM UTC, Apr 18th 2011

Thanks for the input. It helps to know that others are experiencing this painfully slow process!

CARLAJ - 4:57PM UTC, Apr 18th 2011


Janis, the only thing I'm doing differently than the other times I have lost weight is that I am incorporating weights three times a week.

I think the most important thing I have learned is to be patient. There have literally been months where I lost a pound or even less. But then, for whatever reason, I'll lose 5 pounds in a month. I'm not trying to understand it any more, just accepting that it is slow.


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Join us. we are in the same boat! but this program really works. have you started keeping the diary yet? that was a big step for me and really helped me get a handle on what I was really doing, which was eating many more calories than I thought I was eating. the second suprise was that my treadmill was grossly overestimating the calories I was using when i was exercising. Since correcting these errors I am finally, slowly, getting back to my ideal weight. Keep in touch, diary faithfully, consider joining a challenge or two and most of all enjoy the program - it works. Betty

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