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SALLYRK - 12:40AM UTC, Jan 10th 2010

I'm a 53 year old female who was waiting for the holidays to end before I got serious about losing weight. While vacationing New Years week I met a 27 year old young lady who told me about calorie king. She had gained weight during college and used CK to lose 35 lbs and is now a professional blogger. She caught the eye of everyone in our group because she always photgraphed her food before eating, to add it to her blog. I thought how powerful that was and decided even if I didn't post my photos I could certainly keep track of what I eat and photograph it in my mind. I started on Wed Jan 6th and am really feeling motivated. I've eaten the same meals as my family, with a few exceptions, and have stayed under my 1250 calorie count. I need to lose between 25 & 30 lbs to get back to a comfortable healthy feeling weight. Menopause has thrown some kinks my way and I have a few small back issues (probably because I'm overweight) but I'm excited!!

FDKAW - 10:20AM UTC, Feb 24th 2010

I think this is the group for me. I am almost 58 and have 40-50 pounds to lose. I found this website and love it. Although I am still getting used to it. I hope I can find some good people who will encourage and help me on this journey. Exercise is hard due to health reason, but I try as much as I can. I am open to any suggestions anyone may have. Oh, did I say I jus started this 4 days ago, and so far I love the diary, because I really didn't realize how much I did eat until I started logging it. Now I am staying on course of calories and sodium.:nono5:

CTCHERYL - 2:48PM UTC, Feb 23rd 2010

She was taking pictures of her food, not to post the pictures, but to remember exactly what she ate so she could log it in her diary.

Kimmie, I love your story!! I never had the nerve to wear a bikini, just one summer when my sister forced me to wear one. Of course I only weighed 120 at that time, but I just didn't feel right. Good for you to be able to wear a bikini at 52!! Stick with CK and you will be wearing one again.

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Hi!!! My name is Moses!!!!!!

Welcome MZSWEET.................good to see another hoosier here............Best of luck with your new Healthy Lifestyle Journey.

Quick way on the photo........take with cell phone and send to your e-mail then save to hard drive and upload to CK................piece of cake (sorry bad choice of words) easy as pie (no not good either).................let's just say not hard to do.:$


Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the ones who don't.

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MZSWEET - 7:06PM UTC, Jan 26th 2010

Hello there everyone.... Hey SALLYRK, I've heard folks talk about taking pics and posting them and thought (wow - how time-consuming and tedious); but the more I think about it the closer I am to embracing the idea. Maybe I will invest in a digital cam... OR... silly me, just learn to use my cell phone for more than talking.

SOFTSPOKEN - 2:14AM UTC, Jan 14th 2010

Summer Days

Welcome everyone! I love ck. What I enjoy the most is the diary, where it's so easy to watch nutrients, and the challenges. Glad you came on board!

Jan, 55

KIMMIEC - 6:20PM UTC, Jan 12th 2010

Hi Everyone, we had snow in Florida this week...good thing I'm doing an "In-door walking program".
Here's the story of how I ended up on CK.
While looking for Christmas Decorations I found the work-out DVD I had bought over a year ago-maybe even two years ago. I bought it after I had gained 40 pounds and knew I had to do something to get back in shape. As a 5'-1" Newlywed 164 lbs just is wrong!!
I had shattered and dislocated my ankle in the fall of "07 (no pun intended) and was outfitted with steel rods on both sides of the ankle after they "Popped" the joint back into place. They had me in a wheel chair for two months, then in a cast for the next two. The fall was two months before I got married.
I was out of the wheel chair and on crutshes just in time for our wedding. I stood, balancing without the crutches, with my Son by my side and the minister, while my Groom and our five-young adult daughters came down the Isle to the tune of "Going to the chapel, and we're gonna get married". Everyone wore Hawaiian leahs for the Luau Reception that would follow.
After the excitement of the wedding was behind us I settled in as a self-employed Designer working ifrom my husbands home I had moved into, in a new town with no friends around and no customers. Before the accident I was always active, walking, bike riding, gardening, dancing, even water skiing when the opportunity was there...! Yet here I was in a new neighborhood and I couldn't even get out to meet the neighbors-except of course on my "Go Cart" ??? Much to my husbands concern, while he was at work I would carry an armless secretaries' chair down the steps to our deck area and wheel myself around like a kid on a skate board to plant and water plants and get some sunshine.
Boreom and Depression soon set in and staying inside, getting no exercise, and eating all I wanted became my lifestyle. My new husband LOVED my cooking and after raising four children I was great at making sure there were plenty of leftovers ready to be reheated at a moments notice. I'd never dieted in my life, so the thought of watching what I ate didn't cross my mind.........
Get the picture....fast forward.
I now have more jogging suits than tight jeans, and thank God for the cleavage that catches the eyes before the belly hidden under loose hanging jackets. And the bikini's were retired since my oldest daughter had two boys over the past three years and Nana's (Gramma's) don't wear bikini's??? My husband is a gentle natured man and doesn't comment on the weight, yet I know he misses having a new bride that could still wear a bikini at the age of 52.
So Ya'll I'm hoping I can find some new friends amoung you who won't mind having someone around who doesn't mind laughing at herself, and can be serious enough to do something about it !!
I offer you all my support and my blessings. Kimmie

Footnote; Years back my now 32 year old son had said, "The department stores should have a weight-limit on the tags of bikini's" Last summer when I tried mine on I thought of him. Huggs Everyone!!!

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SALLYRK - 2:37AM UTC, Jan 11th 2010

YEAH!!! for the 50'S Have a great week!! Became a Great Auntie today!!!

PMINTPATTIE - 5:46PM UTC, Jan 10th 2010

I am new also I am determined to do this..I love food and it is a source of comfort for me. We Can do this:hi:

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TALLSAM - 2:17PM UTC, Jan 10th 2010 View users public blog View users public diary

Hi!!! My name is Moses!!!!!!

Glad to see sooooooooo many people our age coming to CK and realizing that it is NOT too late for us to get our lives back...............personally I am out to PROVE 58 is not TOO OLD to lose 160 pounds.............almost 25% of it is GONE Since September 2009..........but still a work in progress..............Thank God.....Gods not done with me yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck with your new Lifestyle Journey Sally.:wave1:

Just rollin along,:rolling1:

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the ones who don't.

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