Another Newbie

MJYOUNGER - 1:47PM UTC, Jan 17th 2010

I started CK two weeks ago. I really want to lose the weight "for good" this time. I've been heavy all my life and at 55 I know if I'm ever going to lose this wieght, NOW is the time. I have set a goal to lose 90 pounds although that is the low end of the spectrum for my height.

I have bad feet and a bad back so I don't exercise (although I am trying to get something done for my feet so I can try to walk or ride a stationary bike).

KC has set my calories at 1650...Is that a lot????? I just input my weight and my height and current physical activity.

Any help/support will be so welcome!

ARTISTWOMAN - 3:01AM UTC, Jan 18th 2010


Hi, Lea444,
I've been doing Calorie King for exactly 3 weeks (and a day) and I love it. I love the structure, and it is helping me make smarter choices all day long; like NOT eating every time I think of eating, and taking walks or doing housework so I can record the calories burned and then I can eat more :laugh5:
I've been meeting or almost meeting my calorie limit every day. The first week I didn't lose a pound, but it showed up the end of the 2nd week; 2 pounds lost. The third week weigh-in I had lost another pound, so I am averaging a pound a week and I'll keep doing what I'm doing!
Good luck to you and stick with it! I don't think it will get any harder than the first week.

LEA444 - 7:43PM UTC, Jan 17th 2010

Hi Everyone,

Just joined and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with this "reply". I thought I was computer smart but these blogs confuse me. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it. I've been up and down with my weight - at 170 now. Would love to get to 130, but I'm not sure that's sensible anymore. The first week is usually exciting and relatively easy to maintain. It's 3 weeks later that worry me. Any thoughts??

ARTISTICONE - 6:54PM UTC, Jan 17th 2010

Hi MJY Younger.

My initial Calories were set at 1500. I took it down to 1300. I did this after 3 weeks and I had established some sound habits. such as the tracking and the Water. I eliminated those things that I decided really did not speak to me any longer. So, I would say. Know that this is a lifestyle change. Go with the suggestion for 3 weeks. Re-asses after that. You are the best judge as to how much Caloric "Energy" you need.

I hope this helps you.