BMI- Ugh!

BMMAC - 9:44PM UTC, Mar 10th 2010

I've been at it for 11 months and making good progress. As I approach the 12 month mark I'm trying to take the long view and not focus too much on time versus where I want to get to. My BMI number is really intimidating. I started at 298 last April and have a goal of 200 pounds and each time the system reminds me my goal isn't below what my BMI says it should be. I suspect I'm halfway to 200 and the thought I can push low enough to get my BMI in what is deemed the "healthy range" seems tough to imagine. Any experience with this to help shape my thinking? I had enough trouble writing down I was aiming at losing 100 pounds, but to see that may not be enough is daunting!
SW- 298
CW- approx 250
TW- 200

2HOBBIT1 - 12:56PM UTC, Mar 28th 2010

Piggies - Satch, Cocco and Chewy

Don't worry about the "final" target weight. With so much to do it is easier to think of things in smaller pieces. You can always reset your target weight when the "number" seems more realistic. Set you goal as an amount you can achieve in 6 month and when you reach it then set you goal for the next 6 months. Doing things in small pieces make the final goal much less intimidating. Getting you head around a goal you CAN reach in a few months is much easier that trying to grasp the whole shebang at once. Follow your BP, Lipid profile, Sugar and cholesterol levels and your medication needs with your doctor not some number in a table.

Remember every pound you loose now will help improve your health today!

BAZ185 - 2:33PM UTC, Mar 15th 2010


Hi. Just joined this group. The last time I was slim and in shape I was above what the charts said I should weigh (that's where the 185 next to my name comes from). Oh
well. I'm thrilled to be moving in that direction, and I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Keeping the focus on today helps me to not feel overwhelmed.
HW: 274
SW: 252
CW: 242
GW: 165

LVILLAGOMEZ - 11:55PM UTC, Mar 11th 2010


I know what you mean. I don't think the BMI tables take into consideration your body type. I have a bigger frame and can't imagine myself at the weight they say is healthy. Try to put it out of your mind. It seems like you are headed in the right direction. Just think a year has gone by and you could still be the same weight or even have gone in the other direction. Keep up the good work!!!