Beginning AGAIN !

EJG - 6:03PM UTC, Apr 14th 2012

I'll be 58 in about 6 weeks, and I swear that I have lost the same 5 pounds 20 times since I turned 50 8 years ago. The thing is, I need to lose 25 pounds, not just the 5 I lose and regain every 3-4 months! So, Calorie King is my next great hope. I really do think that counting calories will make me feel more accountable when I'm tempted to have "just a bite" of whatever it is I know I shouldn't be eating. Writing about dieting and calories is SO boring. Here's to exercise- much more fun to write and read about. Today I did 25 minutes of weights and 25 minutes of cardio at a decent pace. Does anyone use a pedometer?

PATTII - 5:12PM UTC, Feb 11th 2013

I actually had a more expensive pedometer than the one I have which my niece gave me for Christmas to replace the other 1 on which I broke the clip. I can tell you this cheaper one DOES NOT record my steps as accurately as the more expensive one and I am ready to go out and get a new one to replace the gift. I like the usability of the new 1 and how easily read it is, but I do not feel it ls accurate because I know how many steps I used to walk in 2 to 3 miles and I can't get close with this less expensive model. My experience -- don't waste money on a cheap one.

PATTII - 5:07PM UTC, Feb 11th 2013

I use a pedometer religiously every day and love it because my goal is to get to 10000 steps a day. I have one that shows calories, miles and steps and I love it.

MELMACK - 2:37AM UTC, Aug 14th 2012

Yes, I use a pedometer and find it helps motivate me. It tells me how many calories I burned when walking or jogging. I don't think it's accurate when doing weights or other types of exercise. I just purchased a better pedometer, but I need my husband to help me program it, so I haven't used it yet. I'll let you know if I think it was worth the extra money.