FIt, but fat at fifty

CINDYCAN - 8:56PM UTC, Oct 19th 2009

In June I joined a gym and I've been doing cardio and strength training 3 - 4 times a week. But my waist is expanding and I'm finding it very, very difficult to lose weight. Actually, I've gained 5 lbs. since joining the gym! My crazy mindset works like this....45 mins. of cardio then I can have a couple of beers when I get home! I feel stronger and I just completed a very difficult hike, and I felt fantastic!!!! I know the exercising is helping, but this middle age spread is a challenge. Anyone got any lovely thoughts for motivation? I just joined and I need some serious help. Thanks.

DSTARKEY - 2:16PM UTC, Oct 30th 2009

I just turned 50 on July 26. Mentally I don't 'feel' 50.... but physically more like 70! I know I should exercise, but I am just too tired all the time. I realize that the exhaustion is probably from hauling around 100 extra pounds :( and if I would exercise I'd most likely not be so tired all the time. The problem is I don't know what kind of exercise to do. I do walk occasionally, but not that far (at a fast pace though!). I know I need some sort of aerobic and weight training, but where do I find that - short of a personal trainer, which I cannot afford! Has anyone ever tried the Richard Simmons work outs? Any other suggestions?

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ANGELBRENDA - 5:04PM UTC, Oct 26th 2009

St Louis, Mo

Hi All, Im new here, just turned 50 Sept 30th!. I am having the same problems and looking for SOLUTIONS! Anyone have any? :bang:

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GJOHN2233 - 11:05PM UTC, Oct 23rd 2009

Have you ever tried doing yoga to strengthen your core. I find it to be helpful. I'm not able to do sit-ups or crunches anymore either. Keep up the good work! We can do it!

PFRANKUM - 3:01PM UTC, Oct 23rd 2009

Waukesha Wisconsin

Hi, same thing for me. I'm 51 . I started swimming for my exercise and have changed my body shape drastically, except for the middle stomach area! I think that just area just won't budge when we get to this age? I can't do sit up now as I've got some back issues. I would love to wear belts on the outside of my sweaters without the stomach role hanging over.

THINNANCY - 1:29AM UTC, Oct 22nd 2009

I have similar issues. I am 53 and in better than average shape-aerobically. The more I work out-the hungrier I am. I start to feel really lousy if I am exercising and trying to eat only 1200 calories a day. But if I don't keep the calories down, I don't lose. Very frustrating!:angry2:

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