FYI Cook Yourself Thin TV and Cookbook

SSAKLAME2 - 5:20PM UTC, Nov 16th 2009

Cook Yourself Thin is a 30 min show, internet site and cookbook. I bought mine from Amazon. I have learned so much from the show and am wearing the book out. Last week I made the Turkey Burger entree and sweet potato recipes. My husband wasn't to thrilled when I mentioned it but he loved it. The stacked Eggplant recipe is very good as well. Actually I haven't made one dish that hasn't been terrific. It is amazing how you can make such changes in ingredients and save so many calories etc. Check it out, it is working for me.

I went off track this weekend but i'm back on today.

RECRE8SUZ - 6:16PM UTC, Nov 30th 2009


Good for you for learning about new ways of cooking! My Mom subscribed to a magazine called Cooking Light that she has really enjoyed -- lots of great recipes that have been redone to get lower calories.

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