Finally made it past the front door

ALWAYSNYER - 7:49PM UTC, Apr 14th 2010


Well today I finally made it past my front door. I've been meaning to get out and actually walk for some time now but always came up with an excuse. Today I did it! HURRAY! I only walked one mile to my mom's house but I did it in 11 minutes and to my surprise, I wasn't winded at all. Another thing that I realized was that I had been hesitant to do this previously because I didn't want people to see me walking. I was ashamed of how I look and thought people would talk. And maybe they will but for once, I'm putting myself out there and doing what I have to do for me to be healthy. I know this probably sounds quite silly to some, but today was a really big day for me and I just wanted to share it with you ~Elaine:clap:

KAROLUS - 11:59PM UTC, Apr 25th 2010

Hi. I'm not sure I'm doing this right. Congratulations, Florida, for your success. Getting 10,000 steps in is not easy.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Karolus and was part of another group some years ago. The group sort of fizzled and I lost my direction, but am getting back to this so I can keep myself on track. I used to go to a weight management group and found the group very helpful, but my budget now doesn't allow me to do this. BTW, I'm a male, turning 65 in a couple of weeks--and want to lose at least 30 lbs by September so I can look slim at my neice's wedding in Quebec City.

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FLORIDATREASURE - 2:58PM UTC, Apr 25th 2010 View users public blog


hi all!!!
i love my pedometer & i wear it everyday!!! yesterday i finally hit my 10,000 mark which my surgeon says is what an active adult should do as a minimum daily!!! i've been shooting for that for over a month & just yesterday finally walked over the 10,000!!! it has been about 7,000 average but now i have to keep it up there!!! lol!! florida is the perfect state for exercise & we broke down last nite & turned the heater on in the pool as it was not quite warm enuff for a swim!!! i can't wait to get in there soon!!! u r alll amazing & sooo supportive!!! u truly make this easier with all ur comraderie(sic) lol!!! thank u all for all the inspiration u provide!!! have a beautiful Sunday all!! peace 2 u & urz till nxt time!!!

SWIMMER10 - 11:33AM UTC, Apr 23rd 2010


Awesome!! Once we get those endorphins going those no stopping us!!! I live in Florida too and the weather sure helps us to stay healthy and do outdoor activities all year round. We're routing for you.:clap::)

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ALWAYSNYER - 8:00PM UTC, Apr 19th 2010


Thanks for all the good advise and the website. I've already made my profile and will try to learn to use it. I've been walking about 2 miles in 20-25 minutes and feel really good. I think a pedometer is a great idea and would be very helpful.
I love your enthusiasm! Bye for now ~ Elaine:)

2HOBBIT1 - 12:04PM UTC, Apr 18th 2010

Piggies - Satch, Cocco and Chewy

Way to go!!!!

Now that your over the initial angst just keep on going. The little steps add up over time, so get you 10 minutes here and you 15 minutes there. If you don't have a pedometer an inexpensive one is a good motivation tool. Wear it 24/7 for a week and see what your average daily steps are, then work on adding more each week until you hit 10,000 a day!

Try planning you walks at It will let you see distance and elevation changes etc. The adds on the free version are a bit annoying but you can work around them and plan you walks anywhere - at home or at work or on vacation.

After a while think about getting a HRM. It will help you track how many calories you burn with your walks so you can log them accurately.



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One day, One hour, One minute, One step at a time!

SCHMIDTD7 - 11:52PM UTC, Apr 16th 2010


You are so right, Elaine. For me too knowing that I am not alone and I have others helping to support me goes a long way.
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ALWAYSNYER - 2:26AM UTC, Apr 16th 2010


Thanks for the encouraging words. It's been quite a week for me and I truly feel that the kind words and support of the over 50 group helped me so much. It's amazing what one can achieve when we feel connected and not out there struggling alone. Thanks again and let's keep counting those calories! ~ Elaine

KROEBUCK - 1:08PM UTC, Apr 15th 2010

Hi Elaine.....congratulations on getting out the door!!!!!!!! Walking is one of the best exercises around and it doesn't cost a thing!!!! I bought and pedometer and have been keeping track of the steps I take....trying everyday to make it to 10,000. I usually walk after work for about 50 - 60 minutes. You go girl.....keep walking......congrats..again...Karen....

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SCHMIDTD7 - 11:17AM UTC, Apr 15th 2010


Good for you!! That is so great. It was hard for me to start exercising too but once I started I got hooked. I started seeing results and that has helped me to continue. good luck. You can do it
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FLORIDATREASURE - 11:29PM UTC, Apr 14th 2010 View users public blog


hey elaine,
whooo hooo!!! good for u!!! i was sooo happy to read ur post!!! that is a big day!!! i don't know if ur aware, however the average person takes 20 min to walk a mile so ur haulin butt lady!!! lol!! yea!!! the weather has been beautiful & i have been walking myself!!! honestly i hate it half the time but promised myself to move anyway i can!! i'm glad u got over ur concern about wat others mite think!!! funny thing i have lived in my house for 3 yrs & don't know a single neighbor but i find while i'm out walking everyone around is getting to recognize me & i plan on introducing myself to some of my neighbors at some point & make some neighborhood aquaintances!!! it's gr8 ur mom is sooo close!!! u r lucky as mine is gone!!! thanks for sharing ur gr8 day with us & keep up the good work!!!! peace 2 u & urz till nxt time!!!

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