Happy to be here

CHALLENGER - 11:20PM UTC, Mar 17th 2011

I am Challenger and have lots of empty hours.
My plan is to be faithful to the program, and after 2 days, I have done well.
Today the Fibromyalgia threw me a curve so I walked half the distance and had less appetite.
That's weird.
Just sore all over. However; I will try tread climber when supper settles.
My problem is water intake. If you have any suggestions please help.
Good fortune to the over 50 gang..

BBENNETTFNP - 3:43AM UTC, Mar 24th 2011 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

should work the same, I think. But since I am already at the BR sink brushing teeth, I simply turn on the hot tap and drink that. It is easy and fast and I can get on with my day prep. Later I do enjoy an herb tea, but wait until after my exercise. Betty

MECHDONNA2 - 11:41PM UTC, Mar 23rd 2011


Thanks so much for the tip about hot water. I will try that in the morning. Does it have to be plain hot water. How about herbal tea?


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Silverdale Wa

good job Challenger!! getting back on the treadclimber instead of betting totally bummed and giving up. Betty

CHALLENGER - 11:33AM UTC, Mar 22nd 2011

Nice to meet you gals..The last 2 days have been so stressful & uncomfortable that I regressed to chips, ice cream 1/2 cup w/ strawberries & cho. syrup...Then I was bummin over that trick. but back on track today. I really think this pgm is great. I use the treadclimber @ 1.2mph this am for 22min and walked .4 m. That was a slow walk (while listening to Roy Orbison) I will use the crystal lite...Thanks for your ideas compassion and support. C.:wave1:

MISSJOANY - 2:39PM UTC, Mar 20th 2011

I also use Crystal Light but I mix it with 20 ounces of water instead of 16 ounces. Adds more water, and I think it still tastes great. I also use measured containers as well, so I can say, Yeah I just drank 20 ounces of water. I will try the hot water in the A.M. as my colon is very slow now, constipated quite frequently these days. Thanks for suggestion.

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BBENNETTFNP - 4:04AM UTC, Mar 19th 2011 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

Welcome Challenger! sorry to hear that you have fibromyalgia. It may not be such a good idea to exercise vigorously, as on a treadclimber. try a gentle walk. true the calories will not be lost as fast, but recovery time will be improved. exercising longer will compensate for the pace of calorie loss. As for the water - flavoring the water can help, so can drinking larger quantities at a single time. Try starting the day drinking two glasses of hot water. then when you have to offload those fluids, drink another glass. In addition, the early am hot water will help trigger colon function. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. and stay with it - this program really works.

AUNTMOO - 2:51PM UTC, Mar 18th 2011


hi chalanger--i,m a newbie,but i too have a problem geting in all my water. i found out that crystal light {5} calories, really helps me. it tastes good and one packet in a bottle of water really makes a difference. let me know if it helps