Hazy Hot and Humid

MBDIARY - 3:17PM UTC, Jul 6th 2011

So happy that I was up with the alarm at 5 on jumped on my tread climber! now for the rest of the day I feel accomplished. Instead of being angry with myself. Makes all the

BOBGFUNTASH - 8:09PM UTC, Jul 6th 2012

I walk an average of 42 miles per week, I did fluff off during the holiday but now back on schedule:)

BOBGFUNTASH - 8:08PM UTC, Jul 6th 2012

I have started a walking program. I walk 6 miles almost every day. My one problem is dogs and wild animals, I walk in the boondocks and have run into a blackbear:)

BBENNETTFNP - 4:42AM UTC, Jul 17th 2011 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

good to hear from another treadmiller. The group challenge to "walk" between Vancouver and Tiajuana has ended. Am starting another one: Walk the Oregon Trail. to join, just let me know your mileage each week and your numbers will be tallied with others in the group and we will advance accordingly. I am excited.