Hello, Over 50's Group, How Was Your Christmas?

MECHDONNA2 - 1:54PM UTC, Dec 30th 2010


Were you able to keep on track? Please let us know.

I was held hostage by the sugar monster, but I am back on track for the last two days.

We are not going to any New Year's Eve parties, so I think I will be okay from now on. Not that we went to many Christmas parties, but the treats kept finding their way into our home.

We will be successful in 2011 and shed some of these pounds. Some of us may shed all the extra pounds. Wouldn't that be something to be proud about?:clap:


MECHDONNA2 - 3:55PM UTC, Jan 9th 2011


That's a good idea! I will give it a try.


2HOBBIT1 - 12:06PM UTC, Jan 7th 2011

Piggies - Satch, Cocco and Chewy

When I get the sugar cravings I go back to starting each meal/snack with a fruit/or fresh veggie. I find that I quickly get to the point that the natural sweetness is enough to keep my hand out of the cookie jar.


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MECHDONNA2 - 6:12PM UTC, Jan 5th 2011


Welcome, Barbara,

On the Today Show yesterday the skinny lady who is an expert said that we should allow ourselves a treat that is low in calories every day. That is, if we are the kind of people that can eat sugar in moderation. I think I am slowly getting to that point. Maybe it just takes a long time to change the habit of eating too much sugar?


DEMIBRIX - 1:48AM UTC, Jan 5th 2011

Northern California

I'm a sugar addict too. I'm trying to allow myself SOME sugar ( 2 cookies, for example) each day without going overboard and beginning a new binge. - Barbara


MECHDONNA2 - 1:30PM UTC, Jan 3rd 2011


Good for you, Carol, that you are back on track. Keep me posted!


SUZYQ1956 - 9:07PM UTC, Jan 2nd 2011 View users public diary


The sugar monster has had it's hold on my since October. Am recommitting stating tomorrw.

A year from now you will wish that you started today
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