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Pacific Northwest

I am 55 and have spent the last 40 years dieting. I have not been very successful in the last few years. No motivation and various stressors in my life have made my own health and well being a low priority.

It is time to change. I have been on CK for about 3 weeks. I am still keeping my food diary and have even started exercising. I really like the program and the people on this site.

I think those of us 50+ have some unique challenges; ailing and aging parents, adult children, grandchildren, retirement etc.

It is nice to have a place to communicate with people who remember when Ringo Starr was with the Beatles, when you heard music record players or AM radio, and you didnn't 'keyboard' but typed on manual typewriters. A time when you sent letters or called on a phone wired to your wall.

Anyway, glad to be here.
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INTUIT - 12:18AM UTC, Feb 4th 2010

I hear ya! About a year ago my 17 year old college bound daughter looked me in the eye with a srious expression and asked , "Dad, what's a record?" Like you I've watched the same weight come and go for too many years. Maybe this time is the charm.
Good Luck

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LUCY55 - 7:28PM UTC, Feb 1st 2010

Black and white TV
those big 8 track tape players
TV stations that went off the air at midnoc

Hope to start out great in Feb after a slow start on CK a couple months ago. I think CK done right can mean success!
Good Luck!


MZSWEET - 4:46PM UTC, Feb 1st 2010

DITTO, Ditto.... to all that you mentioned. :hi:

talking about Ringo, what about Sunny and Char, the Carpenters, record players for 33's and 45's, cassettes. I could go on and on (Laugh-In)

Also can identify with the older parent thing, my mom has dimentia (now movin in to full-blown alzheimer) and fortunately have an older sister who helps (is main person/care-giver), have grown children, grandchildren and after 28 yrs of marriage "working through" a few set-backs.

I am excited about getting back to CK and am prayerfully planning on making a success of this.