Hi everyone!

TRAZY - 4:30AM UTC, Feb 2nd 2010


I am new to CK this week. :wave1:
I am happy to find a 50+ group here as I think our challenges are many compared to some of the younger people on this site.

I have two adult "children" and 3 "aging children" and find very little time for myself these days to eat right and to exercise.

I have lost weight before many a time but I always end up around the 200's. I know as we get older this extra weight becomes worse and worse for our overall health so I am committed this year in 2010 to get it off, once and for all.

I look forward to connecting with this group.

BJHERE - 10:34PM UTC, Mar 29th 2010

Somewhere out there

Welcome to the program. Just follow their guidelines and you will lose weight.

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Miles 9.03

TRAZY - 5:13AM UTC, Feb 4th 2010


Thanks for the welcome.
It does take a little time to get used to all the inputting of data.
I have been using the offline version for over a year and decided to take the leap into the online program because I have used this type before and found the "friends" helpful.

13FOXTROT - 9:46PM UTC, Feb 2nd 2010

:hi: Welcome to the c.k. program. It's a really good program that focuses on calories in vs calories out. I would suggest that newbies visit the calorie king program (formely calorie king university) It is full of good information and will answer a lot of your questions. Again welcome and thanks for posting.

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Final 2009#'s for crunches 50,600

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MZSWEET - 2:03PM UTC, Feb 2nd 2010

Good morning and WELCOME to CK and the 50 Plus Group.

I am also a newbie of less than a month and am finding it challenging to remember and/or find time to log information and go through all the introductory steps and training offered here. BUT.... as I push on and make the time I find that it is totally worth it.

This is a great place to be and there are so many people who seem to have built-in hugs and words of encouragement for even the smallest efforts that one voices. You can have the support you want and need if you are willing to embrace this on-line type of support from strangers who don't seem too strange in a short period of time :wink2:

Hugs to ya... :wave1: