I am new here

FLOCANDOIT - 1:01AM UTC, May 21st 2009

hi all I am new here turned 52 on 5/18 wow seeing it in print is crazy. Anyway with this year made a decision that I need to do something about my weight. I need to be in better shape to keep up with my 7 year old son and 3 grandchildren (2,3,4). I need to lose about 85lbs. I just joined this on line and bought the cal. counter book, and journal. I thought if I wrote it down during the day then I could enter it online at night. So how are you all doing so far and how long have you been here? this is day 1 for me.

CHOLDER - 10:19PM UTC, Aug 22nd 2009

just joined your group and am a young 59. Yikes, next year I'll be 60. I don't feel like 60. I got serious about weight loss the end of last year. I was letting myself go and feeling really sluggish. Over the past several months things have really turned around and I feel so much better. I started out at 154 and am now weighing in at 123. Now I'm struggling to maintain this weight -- not regaining but from losing anymore.

I had a real life "jolt". My uncle had been diagnosed with diabetes and have witnessed first hand all the really bad things it can do to your body. I don't think I realized how bad things could get until I witnessed him having a major heart attack. Really turned me around. since then I have done tons of reading about how to become more healthy and settled on following the notion of following the low glycemic approach. I have found a lifestyle that works for me after many years of yo-yoing. Can't believe how full I feel after meals. The greatest part is that I no longer am on any medications except for calcium. Hope these few thoughts can help someone else on their own journey. Carol

DSTARKEY - 10:10PM UTC, Aug 14th 2009

I am new to the Calorie King club, but I've used the Calorie King book in the past. I had lost 65 pounds and weighed 153 about 2 years ago. The program is really so easy that I can't understand why I let myself get out of control again and gain all (plus some) back again - especially after swearing to myself I wouldn't do that. My mindset just wasn't there any longer. I feel this is going to be a good time for me to get back into losing weight. I didn't realize there was this club before and I think it will really help me to stay focused.

SUSANBRITT - 3:19PM UTC, May 31st 2009

Wow - FLOCANDOIT. You're right. I'm almost done with ..52 and will soon be 53 and to see it in print is different. It makes me realize it's up to me to make the best of my life. I need to lose 35 lbs. and I think I'm ready for the effort. I used CK a couple of months back and lost 10 lbs. but then some heavy emotional issues stared me in the face and I let go of CK. Now I'm back. For me it is just a constant effort of overcoming the emotional challenges and making sure food isn't the solution for dealing with my challenges in life. Once I've faced a fear or learned a new way to approach an issue, I can stay focused on eating healthy, exercising and creating a life that I will enjoy as I grow older. I started taking classes and am busy with new creative projects. And am trying to stay focused on what's best for my health. Last week I lost 2 pounds and for me that's great. I just want to see the scale going in the right direction --- downward!

PATRICKMCGILL - 9:55PM UTC, May 28th 2009

North Carolina

Thanks for the Greeting!

The low level of activity is okay. I'll keep checking.

Last week was tough with a lot of travelling. I actually gained a pound. But, it could have been worse. I'll keep plugging along. I actually have lost that pound again this week, despite Memorial Day and more travel.

Congratulations on your progress! I checked your photos and you did a great job! Keep it up! I know from experience that the hard part is to keep it off, but it can be done!

13FOXTROT - 7:52PM UTC, May 28th 2009

Welcome to the both of you. Sorry to say, there is not much activity in this group. :)

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PATRICKMCGILL - 3:36PM UTC, May 21st 2009

North Carolina

I am new to this group as well - just joined. I am in my third week with CK. First week was great - lost 4 pounds. Second week lost 2.5 lbs. This week - I don't know. I travel a lot, and restaurant food is tough to deal with. I am religious in writing down my calories It really does help.

My goal is to lose 50 lbs. I feel pretty optimistic - if I can get a grip on the restaurant food situaltion. The nice thing about CK is they have a lot of the restaurants already in their database.

Good Luck!