I joined a week ago

SALLY1 - 5:40PM UTC, Jan 29th 2010


Hi all you fab over 50's. I joined a week ago. I am the qeen of yo-yo dieters and really need to get on track and change my lifestyle for all the health reasons, etc. This week has been an eye opener for me. Just writing down my food and exercise has helped to keep me on track. So here goes and hopefully I will reach my goal. At this stage I am making it a daily goal to just stay on track.....baby steps.

SALLY1 - 12:22AM UTC, Feb 10th 2010


My thanks to all who responded to my post. I appreciate the encouragement from y'all.
The CK Community seems like a fun and caring group of people and I have enjoyed exploring a number of blogs and forums. It seems like there is always something of interest being posted and a lot of it is helpful and fun.

SALLY1 - 12:16AM UTC, Feb 10th 2010


Welcome to you, Trazy. So far so good, with the program. I have lost 7 pounds, this is typical for my first couple of weeks. At least I know the program is working and I am feeling much better for the exercise. I wish you every success with your journey.

PATPASS - 12:51PM UTC, Feb 9th 2010

Hi Sally, I just joined a week ago too. So far, so good, even with the Super Bowl food. I'm not quite 50, I get there in a few months, and I'd like to go into my 50's with a better attitude and lifestyle... One day at a time. Have a good day everyone!

13FOXTROT - 5:50PM UTC, Feb 4th 2010

Hey there!:hi: This site provides the tools and structure that we need to lose weight and maintain. Get familiar with the site and learn the navigation shortcuts. Let me know if I can help. Again welcome. :)

Final 2008#'s for crunches 54,000
Final 2009#'s for crunches 50,600

Calendar year 2010 Crunch Challenge beginning Jan. 1 2010 and ending Dec. 31, 2010 6,000/50,000

TRAZY - 5:18AM UTC, Feb 4th 2010


Hi Sally!
Welcome! I am new too.
Hope this is going to be helpful for all of us.
The best thing is to know that you are not alone in this challenge.

MZSWEET - 6:38PM UTC, Feb 2nd 2010

Hey there Sally1
there must be a pretty lengthy line for us "yo-yo" queens. This is my second go-round with CK, the first time was a couple years ago and I thought all this tracking, writing everything down, trying to remember ALL the things suggested and telling my business publically.... ON LINE was horrible, so I quit pretty quickly.

It was all about attitude, shedding self-consciousness, putting aside my personal shame that was trying to hide behind my pride (and discouragement following an eye-opening divorce after being married for 28years).

Like so many others, it is a daily step by step road to success that I am on.