I splurged on Easter, but I don't feel bad!

RKGAMAOF4 - 8:31PM UTC, Apr 5th 2010

Well, I did it again, I gave in to sweets over Easter. I manage to eat dessert and some candy. :$ So today I made sure I rode my bike and I am doing another half hour with my exercise tapes. I hope everybody enjoyed Easter. :) Our two married sons joined us with our grandchildren. Our two youngest are 6 yrs old, twins and they are autistic. :heart1: I want to loose more weight so I can keep up with the little ones, as well as have enough energy to go shopping with my older granddaughters ages 22 & 18. Remember, I started my diet in June, when I was up to 225 lbs. I did not join CK until February when I wasn't loosing any more weight. I was 197 when I joined. I've lost 5 more lbs. so far. It's beeing a slow process but I like it this way. Ten years ago I lost 69 lbs but I put it all back plus more! So now I am taking my time!:thumbu2:

RKGAMAOF4 - 9:24PM UTC, Apr 10th 2010

Hi SchmidtD7, I see you just barely made to be in the over 50 group! You are young and it will be easy for you to loose the weight! So good luck to you and I hope you suceed! Counting calories is easy, getting to exercise is a little difficult, especially if you are a working mom with children. When I was your age, I lost 69 lbs, but by the time I turned 60, I had put it back again! Now I want to loose it slowly and keep it off!:P

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RKGAMAOF4 - 9:16PM UTC, Apr 10th 2010

To Hobbit1, yes I did see the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. That's what my family get togethers is like. Just as loud too! Good luck with your weight loss plan too. I surprise myself when I go to weigh in with my doctor. I think I was bad because I did not eat as much protein as he wants me to, and I ate more carbs, but I still stayed within the 1200 cal. target. Anyway, I still lost 2 lbs each time I go back for my appointment. I think he wants me to loose more, but I have not been exercising a lot. But I am doing better now.

RKGAMAOF4 - 9:04PM UTC, Apr 10th 2010

I like the idea of a free day! I'll keep this in mind for the next holiday! I am glad you got back on your plan to exercise more. Good luck with your weight loss!;)

2HOBBIT1 - 12:36PM UTC, Apr 8th 2010

Piggies - Satch, Cocco and Chewy

Your not the only one! If you've ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding then you know what the easter spread at our get together was like. And I ate it ALL!!!!! So I'm back on the wagon and doing well with both calorie and excercise targets. Fortunatly family get togethers like that only happen a few times a year. Each time I plan on doing better but it never happens! funny thing - I had hit a plateau for the last 2 weeks and this week I've lost 2 lbs. So maybe I was over excercising or under eatting a bit. Will see how it goes for the rest of the month.

SCHMIDTD7 - 12:34PM UTC, Apr 7th 2010


I ate more on Easter too, but did get some exercise in and tried to eat smaller portions that I used to.
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BJHERE - 10:46PM UTC, Apr 5th 2010

Somewhere out there

I counted my family dinner as a free day. I did an extra workout just in case.

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