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BUSYBEE47 - 6:56PM UTC, Jan 18th 2010

I am 62 years old - had gastric bypass surgery 5 years ago - and here I am needing help again. Hopefully CalorieKing will be the key. Although I am no where near what I was before the surgery, I find myself 30 pounds over where I want to be. I live in Utah and my friends are all in California - so I'm pretty much on my own for workouts - at least for now. My husband doesn't like to exercise - so he's no help. I have one daughter here in Utah, however, she works. Looking for whatever support I can find out here.:hi:

MZSWEET - 8:33PM UTC, Jan 26th 2010

Hey there BUSYBEE.... much success to you. Sometimes I think I might do good better having some friends close by that would actively support me (not NAG) so I can appreciate your situation with where you live versus where your friends are located.

ANDERJAN2000 - 12:08AM UTC, Jan 22nd 2010

Puget Sound, Washington

Welcome busybee! I have really loved this program. It really helps me to be consistent.

Starting Weight 216.5
Starting CK Weight 183
Current Weight 136
Goal 133

SOFTSPOKEN - 2:17AM UTC, Jan 21st 2010

Summer Days

Welcome, Bee! I love ck and it has helped me SO much!