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LUCY55 - 3:29PM UTC, Dec 6th 2009

HI. I joined last week and would enjoy insight from the over 50 crowd. Will be 55 in Jan. If I sneak up on my scale and get on V E R Y slowly i can make in read down 1.5 pounds --otherwise it is down under one pound. Last time I did any real job of controlling my calories --exercising etc-- was pre 50 years and i think doing then same thing then I would have been down twice that much. Are there other over 50s who have had this experience?

Any hints about calories and exercise that have worked for others would be appreciated!

LOSE40 - 4:18PM UTC, Dec 17th 2009

Southern California

I have lost a total of 12 pounds so far. I want to get to 140 but it is much more difficult as I have gotten older. One lady I know said you have to burn 400 calories a day in exercise and you will see good results. While I have successfully been able to burn 300 and 350 ,400 is really stretching it and I have had difficulty doing this every day. When I am able to do this, I can see immediate results. So good luck.

VALPAL215 - 7:56PM UTC, Dec 7th 2009


Welcome Lucy!


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