Metabolism tips?

BOHARA - 1:03AM UTC, Mar 3rd 2010

New Albany, Indiana

Anyone notice anything that helps a slow rusty metabolism....

besides excessive exercise (i.e. more than an hour a day....) I've been drinking green
tea constantly, but haven't noticed much yet....


2HOBBIT1 - 12:35PM UTC, Mar 28th 2010

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from personal experience I can tell you that hitting a plateau is a bummer! i have also learned that increasing cardio duration will not get you out if it. You need to add some strength training as well. At least 2 days a week with weights should help. Muscles weigh more so watch your inches not just the scale. check you % body fat if your scales measures it.

BJHERE - 3:06PM UTC, Mar 26th 2010

Somewhere out there

I read somewhere that peppers black or red can help.

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SCHMIDTD7 - 8:28PM UTC, Mar 19th 2010


Hi Barbara, I buy the tea from Teavana. They have stores but you can also buy online

BOHARA - 9:47PM UTC, Mar 18th 2010

New Albany, Indiana

Thanks Deb. Where do you buy this tea? Whole Foods, maybe?


BOHARA - 9:46PM UTC, Mar 18th 2010

New Albany, Indiana

Thanks Swimmer.... I have had my thyroid tested but it didn't appear to
be the culprit. Consistency and patience will probably help :)

I am going to add weight lifting (just started this week) and will see how that goes....

Thanks for the suggestions....!!


SCHMIDTD7 - 3:37PM UTC, Mar 11th 2010


Hi Barb,
I have been drinking a tea blend of Oolong and Pureh from Teavana called Weight To Go. It tastes awesome and I truly believed helped to jump start my weight loss. I struggled before I started drinking it and after I started it I have lost 10 pounds. (from last week of Jan) I drink about 3 cups a day. One before breakfast, one after breakfast and one after lunch. give it a try.

SWIMMER10 - 2:01PM UTC, Mar 11th 2010


Have you had your thyroid tested just as a precaution? Varying exercise has worked for me. I find I have to do 50+ minutes of hard cardio to get my weight to shift as well lifting weights does stoke your metabolism as well. Hang in there! :thumbu2:

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SUZYQ1956 - 6:51PM UTC, Mar 9th 2010 View users public diary


Vary your exercise routine too. do not do the same thing every day. Your body gets used to it. DRINK DRINK DRINK lots of water. Carol

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MARILYN56 - 11:33PM UTC, Mar 8th 2010


I've been struggling with a slow metabolism. Walking in the early morning seems to get me going for the whole day. I suspect any "hidden"exercise will boost the metabolism- parking at the most distant spot, walking up stairs to get one item instead of waiting until you have 3 things to do upstairs, using the commercials to get in some very simple exercises- I like the stretch bands to offer a little resistance. The other miracle drug I've found is drinking lots of water. I'm not sure how or why it works but it seems to. I've been at this for a while- since August and I just reached the 30 lb. mark so it does work but it's S-L-O-W. Marilyn

BOHARA - 3:31PM UTC, Mar 8th 2010

New Albany, Indiana

Thanks for your reply newbie. I am exercising, but sporadically; however
despite healthy food choices my wt is going up!!

This is so very frustrating....

anyone else have some more tips....on how to get the scale to go the other way....

BMMAC - 5:09AM UTC, Mar 3rd 2010

I found switching up different kinds of exercise can shake the old metabolism loose some, so I rotate between pilates, biking, running and hiking. I've also found a week with more rest can actually help at times also if I've been exercising too much. Good luck and hang in there...the plateau's do eventually end