Missing you:

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Silverdale Wa

Have missed having postings on this group site. Have to share that things are going OK here. lost a tiny bit more weight, have found the treadmill more tolerable as I am finally getting the results. Hope all is well with you.

BTW I have started a challenge. especially for those of us who are stuck on the treadmill. tally up the miles and drop me a line each week and you can help us on our journey from Vancover BC to Tiajuana. So far there are 10 of us. we have reached Salem OR in the month of April. Would love to have some fellow travelers!

SW 181, CKSW 179. CW 166, GW 140

each yellow face is 5 lbs gone and the blue faces are 5 lbs waiting to go. the rolling one is the next. He has been on the line for 2months. time to let him cross in peace!

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Silverdale Wa

I dont feel very close. the ultimate goal seems forever away. I am very happy to have the support of friends, though. and it is working. didnt think I had done well at all last month until I logged in to Lauren95's pound a month challenge. found that I had lost 3.7 lbs the past month. and at weekly weigh-ins we get the encouragement of how much we can lose in 6 months. I still wont be at goal, but will be a lot closer than I am now!

SW 181, CKSW 179, GW 140, CW 166

Yellow faces are 5 lbs gone, blue faces are 5 lbs waiting to go

CARLAJ - 8:14PM UTC, May 2nd 2011


Betty, I'll start keeping track of my treadmill miles and let you know how many I walk. I think I am one of the few people who actually likes the treadmill.

D, I forget to look here too. I am envious of how close you are to your goal weight.


DARCOT - 10:54PM UTC, May 1st 2011


I often forget to check the group sites. I finally walked outside today. Yea! Nice time of year -- no black flies yet.

IGW=143 by end of May 2011