New---getting back on track

SHEILAME26 - 4:15AM UTC, Oct 29th 2013


I am 66, teach Tai Chi/Qigong, stretch/yoga and water aerobics to seniors and am studying to be a certified nutrition consultant and holistic health practitioner. I am getting back on track, have lost over 10 pounds and now want to lose 15 more. However, I don't want to look like one big wrinkle so may have to edit that amount as I start losing again. Either way it is a struggle and I believe using this site to be accountable is what we all need especially since the holidays are coming.

MILESD77 - 1:19AM UTC, Nov 8th 2013


Hi Sheila,
Welcome to this fine group. This system of charting calories and adding exercise has helped me lose over seventy lbs so far. It is a daily program to chart what you eat and note the calorie intake (even when it is over the specified amount). I have been gaining a bit as the fall gets colder and need to exercise more as well as not bringing high sugar and high fat foods into the house. What comes in goes into my mouth! I find that high fat and high sugar foods actually make me hungrier.

VTRANER - 8:16PM UTC, Nov 6th 2013

Hi Sheila, just starting myself. Have been tracking,but, that is as far as it goes. Have lost 1 lb and the next week, gained a pound. I have found I am eating less thru tracking. Same worries about wrinkles. I think it's inevitable.Feeling well, more energy,and fitting better into my clothes are my goal. I,too, go to water aerobics and walk my german shepherd. vtraner