Newbie movin' in

MZSWEET - 3:29PM UTC, Jan 15th 2010

Hello ... :hi:
I signed up yesterday and was WAAAAY over on my eating first day out, so I can tell this is going to be very helpful in getting self under control.
I join CK 2 years ago and psyched myself in to thinking I could handle things on my own (novel and unique idea, right?). I was at 258 at the time and managed to loose 21 lbs, then gained 7 back and I've stayed at 244 for a year and a half now. Told myself that was GOOD that I maintained, but the reality big butt is over-weight, in the obese category and need structured help.

So here I am... :help: I paid for the whole year so I won't use funds as an excuse to back out. I'm not usually so forthcoming (guarding my emotions, privacy and vulnerabilities under the "I'm strong and need no-one or anything to make it" umbrella).

I've joined 2 groups and in reading some of your notes I am encouraged, so I hope to remain encouraged.

Will upload a pic soon.

MZSWEET - 7:09PM UTC, Jan 26th 2010

UT-OH.... y'all just about to become my BF on CK... :) Thank you for the encouragement, support and actually posting a note back to me.


DEB657 - 1:22PM UTC, Jan 25th 2010

I love your attitude! I am getting started "again". Great way to think.

BMMAC - 10:36PM UTC, Jan 24th 2010

Welcome to the site. Having tried a bunch of different things over the years, at least for me this has been the most helpful tool I've encountered. I've been on CK for nine months and have dropped over 50 pounds. I am estimating because I haven't weighed myself since my physical nine months ago, but I know I've lost over 50 by pant size, etc. For me, not weighing in at all has enabled me to not focus on what may be a good or bad week, and just focus on other numbers like my calorie targets, heart rate during exercise, minutes of exercise each week. I've found that, for me, it has been a refreshing change not flipping out if I hit a plateau, and to just focus on other goals and to enter everything I eat. I'm smarter about what I eat also. Good luck to you, take the long view, and at least for me the words that work are "always eating-never dieting".

ARTISTICONE - 3:09AM UTC, Jan 17th 2010

Welcome to the site. I have been on it a couple of months. I floundered for the first three weeks. and then started to get into the groove of it.
I find that there is Freedom to choosing what you want when you want it. I myself had a Roast Beef sandwich for breakfast because I just didn't want to do the traditional fare for this meal. I track it. and loved the fact that I got the nutritionals immediately and thus was able to plan the rest of the day. I live a life that has never fit into most of the Diets out there. I also want the freedom to manage what I have in my Frig. and not have to throw out food because it got out of date. or that I never liked in the first place, all the while tracking it.
This helps me stay in the program and to customize it to my specifications. It also helps to support my work lifestyle. I go to work at 3AM so My eating and sleeping times are not of the norm. My program can take this into account and I still am losing the weight.
I am adding the exercise as I master the Tracking. and this seems to be helping me not be too obsessed over the whole thing. It is leading to a good intergration of this new lifestyle choice. I hope this is not too long and that it helps you.

INTUIT - 4:28AM UTC, Jan 16th 2010

I have also just joined CK and have a long history of trying to do it on my own. I imagine a lot of people in the 50+ group have lost the same excess weight more than once like I have. I am hoping (hope does spring eternal doesn't it) that extroverting a little to some of the available forums will help do the trick this time. The good news for you is that you have a 14 pound head start on your last weight loss attempt. I think a key is not to turn inward when things don't go as well as planned.

Best wishes for total success this time.