MBDIARY - 6:12PM UTC, Mar 3rd 2011

Nice to know I am not alone out here in 50+ land.
My metabolism has tanked, I have developed some BAD habits.
Eat too much, too often and I exercise or MOVE a lot lot less.
Glad to have others in my same boat, to encourage me.

BMMAC - 2:54AM UTC, Jan 3rd 2012

Start small but START! Get moving and set a target for the next six days. Write down a plan on how much and what you will do to exercise. Small steps and celebrate after this week. Good luck!

OFFICE1 - 5:16PM UTC, Nov 2nd 2011

Just saw your post -- because I have been very unmotivated and have not checked in! For me the best thing to do is just get moving again and filling out the diary every day, even if it is painful to do it! When I am brutally honest with myself about what I am eating and how much exercise I am doing 9or not doing) it gets me motivated to either do better or stay on track.

LIZMAC - 9:40PM UTC, Sep 27th 2011

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Over 55 and not very motivated lately - Help!

MBDIARY - 12:06PM UTC, Mar 14th 2011

Thanks I WILL try a challange!

MBDIARY - 12:04PM UTC, Mar 14th 2011

I have figured out that if I don't exercise almost everyday I cannot loose weight. So back on the tread climber most days!!! I watch tv shows on a dvd player while walking because if I watch tv the commercials KILL me and I want to climb off!

BBENNETTFNP - 4:31AM UTC, Mar 12th 2011 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

everyone has a different rhythm of life. For me the best time is early in the day. I get up, brush teeth. feed cat and jump on the treadmill. Once I get going for the day, it is very unusual for me to get back to exercise more.

when I was just starting, I only did 15 minutes, but with time have found myself getting up earlier so I could get some more time in. that's how it grew.

I recommend that if you are having trouble making your goal, you might reduce the goal. you can always go over, and when you are getting it done more frequently, increase it accordingly. It may seem like you are gaming, but for me, anyway, it was is demoralizing to not make a goal for week after week

Our challenge is not about competition. I checked out the spread sheet and there are some who have a goal of 45 minutes a week.

Last Edited: 4:34am UTC, March 12th 2011

MECHDONNA2 - 5:00PM UTC, Mar 9th 2011



I would first determine the best time for you to exercise. Are you a morning person? Do you have more time in the afternoon? You could walk. People tend to stick with walking. I have been doing a slow jog for 10 minutes. Sometimes I do that three times a day. But we should also fit in lifting dumbells while watching TV.

Let me know if any of these ideas work for you.


DARCOT - 7:01PM UTC, Mar 5th 2011


I'm on that challenge too. I like it, but I have yet to reach my goal for even one week. Not doing well at getting in the exercise! Any tips on getting it to be a habit?

IGW=150 by end of March 2011

BBENNETTFNP - 4:04PM UTC, Mar 5th 2011 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

We are in the same boat. but some of us have had dynamic results by using the program. Even my 10 year old "belly ball" is getting smaller. I find that the companionship and encouragement I find here, as well as seeing the stats progress is most helpful.

and, if you havent done so, joining a challenge has really helped bump up my exercise. I joined one that involves logging minutes of exercise each day. we take the posted minutes of the person above us and subtract our minutes from the aggregate goal of 11800 minutes a week. the page leader keeps track on a spread sheet to make sure of our math. Seeing what others were doing helped stimulate me to increase my efforts. the site is Combined UYM and kcalorie challenge, week _. we are currently in week 9. week ends Sunday night and the new one begins on Monday. Be sure to look for the current week.