Struggling to drop a few pounds

MELMACK - 2:32AM UTC, Aug 14th 2012

I am 51 and want to lose 8-10 lbs. I was successful by using CK about two years ago. This time it seems the weight just won't budge. I exercise, I almost always hit my 1200 calorie target. My biggest vice is Diet Coke (which I have cut back on somewhat) and some alcohol (2-4 drinks per week). Do I need to get rid of these to see a difference? I have been working at it for about three weeks and have lost a little over a pound. Yes, my clothes fit better and I feel better, but why won't the scale drop? I am 5'3" and weigh 124. I have a small bone structure and would like to hit 115-118. Is that unrealistic or do I need to fix my game plan? Feeling frustrated and a little hungry!