Will be 55 in March and metabolism is so S-L-O-W

CHRISTINE57 - 7:33PM UTC, Jan 10th 2012

I am spoiled as I was always skinny and never had to worry about what I ate. Now that I am older, I can't eat like I used to. I have gained approximately 20 lbs since I turned 50. I have tried Weight Watchers and several other diets but can't stick with them for very long. I don't have strong support for weight loss at home (hubbie). I hope this group may provide me with some much-needed support and encouragement as my doctor just informed me I am heading for diabetes if I don't lose some weight.

TAINATLC - 3:28AM UTC, Apr 5th 2012


I checked in a while ago. I will be 51 in May. I was always told it is harder to lose once you get older. And now I have problems with my knees....welcome. to the group OLDhope.
I can do this...I know I can. It takes time & patience.

HW :326.3lbs, SW [2/9/12]:320.0lbs,
Feb: -6.6, Mar:-6.1 (307.3)
CW [4/2] - 307.8
5/1-50lb - 299.9
IW[10%] - 282
GW - 130

OLDHOPE - 1:07AM UTC, Apr 2nd 2012

I hope to see more people posting here. I am 59 (yikes!) and at my worst weight ever! I tried joining CK over a year ago, then signed in a few times, then just fizzled. Food is my drug of choice! Especially carbs of any sort. My goal for April is to get to 10,000 steps, and stay below 2,000 calories (for weight loss it needs to be 1600) as I seem to be getting around 2500 consistantly. Or more :-(
HW/CW 268
GW 150 (just about 10 lbs over my "ideal body weight";)
BUT-150 would be in the ideal range for BMI
This is so difficult!!!!!!!!

TAINATLC - 6:42PM UTC, Mar 25th 2012


Is this thread still active???/

I have been having a hard time losing weigh as well .....It seems to be so subborn this time around. 'My body seems to be set is it way.' I am going through the 'change' does that impact weight lost?

I can do this...I know I can. It's just going to take time & patience.

HW - 325.8
SW [2/9] - 320
CW [3/21] - 311.7
3/31 -50lb - 303
IW[10%] - 282
GW - 130

OFFICE1 - 9:17PM UTC, Jan 20th 2012

I am 56 and have the same problem w/ metabolism. I am trying to really ramp up my workouts to 60 minutes every day. My problem is my sweet tooth which I have had all of my life. Up until recently I seemed to always be able to work it off but now...... So let's move forward together and get this weight off!

THERESAMARIE - 6:51PM UTC, Jan 11th 2012

Hi, Christine:

I am a newbie, too and 52 years old. I am in a very similar place metabolism wise with you. I have my first weigh in on Friday morning and am hoping the number will be down.

Let's keep in touch. I found alot of the groups on CK seem to be inactive-so let's me and you, and hopefully, others, keep this one going!

I have been heavy all my life but I really need to take off the extra weight I've put on in the last few years. I want to get off or reduce the meds I am on.

I prefer this plan to Weight Watchers, because all anyone ever talked about at WW was food, food, food. No wonder people get obsessed with food. Anyway, when do you weigh in?

Let's meet back here soon!