Working the program help! / success over 50

LUCY55 - 7:17PM UTC, Feb 1st 2010

Joined a couple months ago but not much progress until the last couple weeks when I was actually working the program! So there is a suggestion! SHould not have taken me a month to figure that out!
Hope to hear about more successes here on the over 50 group to keep me motivated! (turned 55 myself last month)
Joined a challenge for the first time. I think that may be a really help to my motivation. WIsh I had done so before and suggest that to newbies.
Hope everyones Feb starts out stong!


2HOBBIT1 - 12:51PM UTC, Apr 8th 2010

Piggies - Satch, Cocco and Chewy

Check out it will let you figure out how far you walk by plotting it on a map of your area. You can use a street map or a hybrid satellite map etc. It will tell you altitude changes and can save you maps. There are a bunch of fancy features if you want to pay for a membership but you can get the basics for free. Just be aware that you have to work around the pop up advertising. try it for a while and you can figure out how to move the adds out of the way.

MARILYN56 - 4:53PM UTC, Mar 13th 2010


Hey Nancy, The recording of activity is really easy. It is done in the diary. Instead of entering the food, list the activity. It will ask you the length of time and what speed you are going. If you can track that with your car, it's easy- distance 1 mile- I walked it in 20 minutes, therefore on similar terrain, I'd be walking 3 miles per hour. There are charts on the internet for calorie expenditure, if you want to check there. I was looking for pilates- an hour long class is 200 calories. Looked up kayaking too which I couldn't find in the list of exercises from CK. It is quite wonderful to see how the calories add up from even little bits of exercise. I have a dog who I walk 3 times a day- and then I add almost an hour of walking without even realizing it. Good luck and hope this gives you some extra motivation. Marilyn

NANCYL - 2:45PM UTC, Feb 25th 2010

I "ve been a member since July to date I have lost 38lbs but I am not using the program to its full advantage I walk 30+min 1x a day sometimes more but I don't know how to record it. I am starting to get lazy and I am not logging in daily this is the first time I have joined a group & renewing my commitment to logging in everything I eat. Hoping if I join this group it will help keep me on track I really fear gaining the wt. back. I am more aware of what I eat and how much Iam feeling so good I don't want to lose ground.
Thanks Nancy

CTCHERYL - 2:31PM UTC, Feb 23rd 2010

I have stopped subtracting calories burned from exercise. I won't lose any weight that way. I was on another program, lost 25 pounds - I was allowed 1200 per day and I also had to exercise. The exercise didn't give me back calories to eat. So, I have been drinking my water, getting my green checks and didn't lose. so now I'm logging my exercise, but not getting any calorie adjustment.

MARILYN56 - 4:14AM UTC, Feb 9th 2010


Schwanbl, Maybe you are not eating enough. If you are exercising on the elliptical and very active painting, you may be using up a whole lot of calories. I know this notion seems counter intuitive but you need to up your calories if you are exercising. I love to hike and today I was out for about 50 minutes: that's another 500 calories added to my total of 1400. So at the end of the day, I am still about 350 calories away from my calorie target and wondering what will I have now? The idea as I understand it is if you aren't eating enough your body lapses into starvation mode- your basal metabolic rate slows and you don't lose those pounds. Now if you are clear on this, I'm sorry for repeating it but I really struggled with eating 1900 calories when most diets seemed to insist I eat 1200. But it seems to be working, 20 lbs since I joined in October but slowly- about a pound a week. When I started I too lost 4lbs, started to celebrate and next weigh in was 3 lbs. up. I was very discouraged but the next week- 1 lb was off and I felt healthier and more in control. Hope this happens to you this week. Be patient with yourself, it takes quite a lot of learning to make a permanent change but this program seems set up to help you every step of the way. Marilyn

SCHWANBL - 3:44PM UTC, Feb 8th 2010

I joined a month ago too. I've been keeping up with the diary and have been following the calorie and exercise goals. My weight has been fluctuating a lot. I've been down a total of 4 pounds and now back up 3 pounds. I'm discouraged and frustrated!!!! Is is a good idea to cut calories below 1200. I've been very active around the house ( painting rooms ) and I've been doing 150 min/ wk on the elliptical. HELP HELP!!!!

13FOXTROT - 8:25PM UTC, Feb 4th 2010

Nice thread!!!

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