down 6 lbs.!

KROEBUCK - 1:01PM UTC, Apr 15th 2010

Oh boy....I've lost 6 pounds and I feel so proud. My clothes are looser and fit better. I feel better too. It's amazing. Keeping track of my calories is getting easier. I'm trying to incorporate interesting foods into my diet. It's not easy, because I tend to eat the same things over and over. I am more aware of the choices I make and can steer myself toward the healthier ones. I still have to battle the weekends, I tend to go overboard. But it's one battle at a time.

NETHIE - 2:09AM UTC, May 22nd 2010 View users public blog View users public diary

Grats on losing 6! I struggle with my week-ends too but I have a "Ruthlessly Specific Plan" in place, LOL. We'll see just how well my plan works! :wave1:

SILVERCREEK - 3:50PM UTC, Apr 19th 2010

It's actually great for me to see that I'm not the only one struggling with weekends. Whew! I do great during the week and then weekends there's that red bar.

I'm fairly new, couple weeks. Have lost 5 lbs. Hooray!

Journaling food and being able to do it on the go on my blackberry is one of the best things for me, as well as getting back calories from excercise, great motivation to get out there and do something.

Next weekend I'm going to remember I'm not the only one dodging a bullet ... and hopefully it will help.

2HOBBIT1 - 12:27PM UTC, Apr 18th 2010

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Congrats on the 6 lb's :clap::clap::clap:

Weekends can be a :@ but just remember to keep on logging and being honest about what you choose. If you keep track and try to pre plan then you will be able to see what gets you heading of the rails so you can try to prevent it or avoid your triggers. Some times if you incorporate small portions of the foods you crave on the weekend into your meals for the week you don't get quite as big a hankering for those things that derail your efforts.
Also just remember that this is a journey that will last you lifetime - not a crash diet. As long as you have more good days than bad and as long as you keep making steps to eat clean and healthy you will get there in the long run.
Don't get down over a slip or two and especially do not use it as a excuse to chuck it all and go back to your old ways.

You can do this!!! :thumbu2:


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One day, One hour, One minute, One step at a time!

SCHMIDTD7 - 11:50PM UTC, Apr 16th 2010


Congratulations!! :rock1: I struggle on the weekends too. For me I'm finding that I just need to keep with it and not let the days that I don't do as well dictate where I am going. you are right, one battle at a time.... one day at a time. Good luck. :wave1:
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ALWAYSNYER - 7:32PM UTC, Apr 16th 2010


Congratulations! So happy for you. It is such a boost to the ego when we can fit comfortably in our clothes and before long they won't even fit! That's what I'm waiting for. I can't wait until I HAVE to go and buy a new outfit because what I have is too small. Sadly, for me that day is still a ways off. Keep up the good work. We're rooting for you!:)