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JULIETTA - 8:21PM UTC, Mar 29th 2010

Portland, OR

I'm 52. I joined CK March 2, the same week I started exercising again after a long hiatus. Now I meet with a personal trainer at least twice a week, I'm going to the gym, and paddling on the river twice a week. I've lost 5 pounds this month, and I have a long way to go.

I work an office job and can sit for hours at a time. I forget to get up and walk around. For the last couple of years, I've gotten increasingly creaky - stiff and feeling, well, creaky if I've been sitting for more than an hour. I just got up after sitting for close to 3 hours, and -- significantly reduced creakiness!! My clothes may fit the same, but I'm definitely limbering up a bit. I'll give that a big Woot!

Portland, Oregon
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ALWAYSNYER - 7:36PM UTC, Apr 16th 2010


Good for you! And I know what you mean about creakiness. I'm right there with you. Exercise was my enemy #1 for 40 years and now I'm paying for it. I'm making the effort now but it's long and slow. Hopefully, it will improve with time.

RKGAMAOF4 - 8:59PM UTC, Apr 10th 2010

Hi nancey, I also have two older sister who are overweight. They are 73 and 76. My older sister is over 300 lbs. She feels its too late to loose weight. The second sister is a diabetic and she just started loosing weight because her doctor's got after her. I also have a younger sister who just turned 60. She is also over 200 lbs. She just had knee surgery!
There are many reasons why people put on weight. Not just because they don't eat right, but because they may have physical or mental problems.

I have been there myself on both counts. :blush4: I am tying to loose the weight slowly. I am in no hurry! If you see my blogs, I started back in June with my weight management doctor at 225 lbs. I think I am doing pretty good with staying within my target calorie count. I just had not been motivated to exercise. But I keep trying. My grandkids keep me busy too! Good luck to you too. How is Florida? It's been cold and raining a lot here in WA.:wave1:

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hi rachel & God bless u!! i have 2 sisters i wish wd lose some wgt sooo badly, they're 50 & 60 & both say too old to lose wgt!! i want them to c ur profile but they wd not appreciate my showing it to them!! i'm 51 & i like yourself will never b too old 4 anything i can force my old butt to do!!! lol!!! i just worry about them & it has SEVERLY hampered their lives!!! they NEVER leave their houses except the younger one 4 work at her desk job!! u have real gumption & i admire that!! i know u will make ur goal!! it's sooo inspiring to c u here!! best of luck to you & lol!! i got u beat i think cuz i have 6 grandkids!!! have a gr8 nite all & peace 2 u & urz!!

RKGAMAOF4 - 8:37PM UTC, Apr 5th 2010

Hi Julietta, I feel the same as you do! I am older than you I am 64. I was school secretary for 20 years, before that all I did was office work too. So I sat for hours. I retired 6 years ago and have since been in denial that I was putting on the pounds. Until the doctors scared me with high liver enzymes and type 2 diabities. I hate to exercise, I creak when I get up, when I go up the stairs, and to top it all off, I have fibromyalgia. But I also started at 225 lbs. So keep up the good work and hope we can encourage each other!:hi:

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julietta wow!!! u sure jumped rite in with the exercise!!! i wanna b u wen i grow up!!! lol!!!! seriously i do!! u r sooo inspiring!!! i've just joined also & i have had a hard time walking 25 min at a clip mayb 40 min in 2 walks a day!!!! but wen i read ur story it reminds me y i struggle everyday!!! lmao!!! i had both hips go out over the last 3 yrs & have been almost immobile...after cableing thru the rain forest in costa rica, climbing mount st michelle in france & dam it i want to get back to where i was!!!! best of luk to u & thanx for the inspiration!!! peace to u & urz!!!
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BJHERE - 10:29PM UTC, Mar 29th 2010

Somewhere out there

Just another benefit of your healthy lifestyle.Congrats on the five pounds,

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