having a hard time with energy and motivation

GINGER1112 - 2:11PM UTC, Mar 28th 2011

I joined CK a year ago and successfully went from 128 to 107lbs but the last month has been hard and I am up to 111. It seemed to happen all of the sudden. I am trying to pick back up on the walking to get up to at least an hour and a half a day but I feel a lack of energy and don't walk as fast. I am 50 and 5'2.

Thanks for any tips!

MECHDONNA2 - 7:23PM UTC, Apr 4th 2011


Hi, Nancy,

That is great that coffee works for you. I have my two cups in the morning and can't do without it. I used to add milk and sugar, but now I just add almond milk. I am lactose intolerant. It would interfer with my sleep if I drank any after 12:00 noon. I try to stay away from any caffine after 12:00 noon, but everyone is different!


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Silverdale Wa

Hello Ginger. Please do not get discouraged with the 4 lb gain. if you are exercising 1 1/2 hours a day, you are doing an amazing job. Perhaps some calories are sneaking in? or maybe you are retaining water for some reason or another. Stress can really make a difference too. Are you sleeping well at night?

Personally I can not use coffee because it interfers with my sleep. if I drink after 3pm I cant get to sleep at all and will be up all night. And when I dont sleep, I eat - all day long, a bite here and a bite there to keep up my energy. And bingo, an extra 400 calories or more.

BTW, I did the math and your body mass index at 62 inches is just a smidge over 20, which is quite acceptable. up to 25 is considered OK. Staying on the program should help you stablize.

At any rate, keep the faith and we are here for you! Betty

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hi ginger,
i'm 52 & i have days like that also where i just can't seem to find any energy!! i have found one thing that will help us at least get moving & according to most things i'v read it's the safest way to get an artificial boost & that's a simple cup of coffee!! the trick is once u'v drank that coffee u must get up & do something....anything!!! even if it's the dusting or folding a load of towels or something just get up on ur feet!! walk to the end of ur walkway!!! it seems once i get up & the coffee kicks in it's all good from there!! alot of times i'll have just a cup at 2 or 3 in the afternoon or even at 7 pm just to finish my evening!! i get up at 4:45 in the morning & don't go to bed till 11:30 in the evening & the coffee does seem to give me a little lift when i'm all worn out!! lol!!


MECHDONNA2 - 7:12PM UTC, Mar 28th 2011


You have been doing great! My goal is 145 and I am five feet six inches, unless I have shrunk. You are right to step up your efforts since you have gained a few lbs. Are you still logging? Walking is a great exercise. Are you taking vitamins and eating healthy? If your energy level does not improve, maybe get a physical?