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SMSCHEIDER - 2:12PM UTC, Oct 25th 2009

Hi, I am 54 and a child care provider in my home. I watch 3 kids all part time. Mostly I am kinda a couch potato and use every excuse in the book not to exercise....Mostly because I hate exercising altogether...I used to do the Leslie Sansone Walk program but quit that 2 years ago.
I have been a dieter all my life....
over 3 years I have lost 58 lbs and have kept it off within a few lbs.
I know I should feel proud about that, but it took SO long....I am not kidding, it took me years to lose the 58 lbs...Looking back, it's hard to believe it...You would think that would motivate me to reach my goal? I just keep getting frustrated...
I want to lose another 25 lbs and no matter what I do, I stay between 160 and 165.
I can't get under the 169 mark....
I joined Calorie King a few weeks ago and I gained 5 lbs.....Go figure.....
I wasn't keeping track etc like I should, blah,blah blah

I am looking for a nice support group to join...
Long story short, I have to log in daily and set short goals for myself...
thanks for reading...

RECRE8SUZ - 6:36PM UTC, Nov 30th 2009


I understand your frustration with losing slowly. I've also lost slowly, but am very proud that I've maintained it this time. In the past, I've lost weight fast only to gain it back plus more!

I'm not big on exercise either -- but I've found that if I control my calories I can lose. The key is honestly recording every single morsel that goes into my mouth and making sure I keep within 100 calories of my target.

You mentioned you didn't record "like you should" --- how about committing to do very accurate weighing and recording for a week and staying close to your target? Maybe you are eating more calories than you think you are? I find when I don't record it's really easy for that 1 Cup of Yogurt to become 1.5 cups.... etc.

Good luck with the journey...

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