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MECHDONNA2 - 12:29PM UTC, Feb 23rd 2011


Welcome to the Group!

Don't beat yourself up about gaining back the weight. It happens to most people. Have you read the book, "Thin for Life?" I am reading it now. WHEN (I have to think positive) I reach my goal, I will continue to exercise and log on CK.

Keep us posted on your progress.


BBENNETTFNP - 4:50AM UTC, Feb 21st 2011 View users public diary

Silverdale Wa

You sure came to the right place. weight loss is so much harder now than when we were young. but it does happen. the important thing is to hang in, even if you dont see progress. You will. daily posting is a drag at first, but you soon get used to it. and blogging is helpful. the most helpful thing for me was to join a few challenges. As we try to achieve the group mission, we can be inspired by those who are doing well and set our sights accordingly.

You have experience in the nutritional area, which is great. the WW cook book is still a great source of recipies to fall back on. maybe you can share some of your good ideas with the rest of us. :hi:

PEGGY609 - 2:09AM UTC, Feb 21st 2011

South Dakota

I joined CK 2 days ago. I am 56 and have tried WW many times, I have done hypnosis, Diet Center (many years ago), TOPS, diet pills (many many years ago), counting calories on my own, and probably some other weight loss methods. While most of them work, I eventually gain back what I lost, plus more. Now that I am in my fifties, the weight is stuck like glue. I am going to give it my best shot this time and keep exercising and counting calories. My husband is also needing to lose at least 50 pounds so I have a partner, but I am looking forward to the support of the group. :hi:

CALKIT86 - 12:19AM UTC, Feb 21st 2011


I am new to CK and will be turning 50 on Tuesday. I am having a terrible time trying to lose weight. I was on WW and lost thirty pounds last year but I gained it all back.. I am upset with myself. I tried going back to WW but the new plan is a little too complicated. I travel quite a bit on business so I have to estimate as best as I can. The new WW program makes it very difficult to do this. I suffer from Minere's disease so it is important for me to watch my sodium intake. I think CK will fit with my lifestyle better. I also like the fact that it is more nutritional based.

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Silverdale Wa

Hi Sher. We sure are active. glad to have you join us. :hi:

SHER - 10:08PM UTC, Feb 18th 2011

Is this group still active?

NEED2BHEALTHY - 2:39PM UTC, Feb 7th 2011

I have the same problem with my stomach. It cause from visceral (spelling) fat. I've been told that walking and swimming are the best exercises. Of course, they only work if you do them.


OKIELADY32 - 5:57PM UTC, Feb 3rd 2011


I tried Weight Watchers twice. Lost some both times but had a hard time getting to meetings. There always seemed to be a family conflict, work conflict or something. It is a healthy program, but it seems so much easier counting calories than converting everything to points. I just started CK last week and have good days and bad days. I hope I can get more committed.

OKIELADY32 - 5:56PM UTC, Feb 3rd 2011


I am 56 and my stomach keeps growin . . . in fact, I swear I can see it happening. Must be a menopause thing. Any advice on some good core-ab exercises?? Something not too streneuous on the back.

MECHDONNA2 - 5:26PM UTC, Feb 3rd 2011



I just turned 57 years old. All my extra weight wants to settle on my stomach. YUCK!

Let's keep each other posted on our progress.