starting weight loss......again

TZUMUMSY - 6:46AM UTC, Nov 23rd 2008

Just joined --figuring out how to get going for real this time, but mainly stick with it. Any pointers appreciated!

SLIDERDKP - 3:10AM UTC, Apr 7th 2009

Have lost a few pounds, but feel stalled out.
Stress eating has taken over!
Am trying to relax and remember my goal.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

SLIDERDKP - 2:45AM UTC, Mar 24th 2009

I joined CK approximately 1 month ago. It has helped me, by really remembering how much calories I put in my mouth. Since I am mid 50's, and recently had surgery(laid up for 6 weeks with no exercise), I have put on weight, on top of the weight I had already needed to lose.
However, since I am an RN, with extensive education in this category, I think that expecting to lose 13# in 1 month, is not a reasonable goal. Ideally, a person should lose 1-2 #/week, so that their metabolism can adjust. This is really hard, as I have gotten set into eating modes, that I didn't have before. Also, being older makes it harder to lose. And exercise is more difficult due to aching joints, etc. Keep the faith. Slow is better than the alternate!

PETER1016BILT - 6:47PM UTC, Mar 17th 2009

How are you doing. I am new to all of this. I hope I can lose 13 pounds in a month. Hopefully since the last time you were on here, you lost more.

Do you find this working for you?

PETER1016BILT - 6:43PM UTC, Mar 17th 2009

I am 53 also. Have you found that Calorie King works for you? I need to stick with something. I have gained so much weight and I need to lose it.


PETER1016BILT - 6:39PM UTC, Mar 17th 2009

Hi Dina

I am new, and I wondered how you are doing on Calorie King? Have you had much progress since January?

BLUEBERRIES - 7:36PM UTC, Feb 27th 2009

Hi all, I am 55 and have been with CK for about 2 weeks. I have had a life-long battle with gaining and losing weight, in spite of being very active in the gym, (Zumba, Body Pump, yoga, swimming) and a very healthy eater overall. I believe that the CK way may be the only way, (the lifelong Weight Watchers membership just didn't work out) I am concentrating on just putting it down on paper every day and be as accruate as possible about what I am recording. Just trying to do this has given me a lot of insight as to what is keeping my weight on. So, maybe it is part age-related, but it's definately part (too many) calories too! I'd love to see this group become active.

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LONGMONTKATHY - 12:40AM UTC, Feb 27th 2009


Hi. I'm new to this group, but not to CK. Since last March, I've lost and maintained about a 15 pound drop, now want to keep going to drop another 18 pounds. I'm 53.

TENACITY - 2:07AM UTC, Feb 23rd 2009

Ontario Canada

...any mountain can be step at a time...and we are right there alongside you...

Slow and day at a time....

Stay Well, Stay Fit, Stay Focused

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LAIDINAS - 11:32PM UTC, Jan 30th 2009 View users public diary

Hi there, I just joined today and saw your post from Dec. I'm curious how you're doing on CK.


FLOWERCHILD - 2:34AM UTC, Jan 14th 2009


Hi Arlene,

I just joined tonight and wanted to say hello since you are the next most recent post in this group. Hope the group gets a bit more active.

Hope you had a good day,

LOSEWEIGHTN08 - 12:17AM UTC, Jan 12th 2009

New York

Hi, I just noticed the 50+ group, I'm 51. I lost 13 lbs. last month, and nothing so far this month.... I hope the scale starts moving again soon.

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Calves-405/ 6000
leg ext.-340/4200

FLANEUR - 5:04PM UTC, Jan 7th 2009

I would also appreciate any help with motivation. I used to lose weight for some man but now I am 72 and don't seem to be able to do it for the most important person, me

JANBROCK - 6:09PM UTC, Dec 6th 2008

I just joined the group today. I will hit the big 60 in February. I need to lose some weight and like so many people have struggled with it for decades. I have been going to the gym for about 3 months. I do zumba which is alot of fun. No weight loss yet but I am firming up. At this point in my life I want to be healthy and fit. Good luck to you and everyone in the 50 Plus Group. I too would appreciate any tips or advice anyone has.