sweating with Mick Jagger

SALLY1 - 7:51PM UTC, Feb 5th 2010


My main form of exercise is walking/jogging on the treadmill. Today I made playlists for my ipod and had a great 35 minutes with Mick and the Stones. The music of my generation, really made me feel good and put a smile on my face. I recommend this to all in this 50plus group!:rock1:Sally1:queen:

SAILIN38 - 2:56AM UTC, Apr 8th 2010

HI all... my favorite form of exercise is a sport of any kind but I kove to dance. I have chose the Wii for my exercise. I love tennis and boxing. Next week I am going to buy the Wii dance. I sure hope I get to choose the music. Mick and Stones, Bad Company, Genesis...they all can get me moving!

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RKGAMAOF4 - 8:44PM UTC, Apr 5th 2010

Hi Sally!, I hope by now you have gotten into the groove of exercising to the music! I love to listen to the oldies too! I do Richard Simmons tapes, he is goofy, but he uses a lot of the oldies in his tapes. While on the computer I listen to Pandora Radio, I made up my own listening station with oldies too. My name is Raquel, my friends and family call me Rachel, I am 64.

Keep up the good work!;)

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BJHERE - 3:05PM UTC, Mar 26th 2010

Somewhere out there

I am doing the treadmill and also listen to music. It helps the time go by faster.I am still working up to my endurance level. Everyday I increase a level by five minutes. It is not that fast but I do not want to give myself a heart attack neither by trying to do it all at once. I can monitor my heart rate and speed this way.

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13FOXTROT - 10:04PM UTC, Feb 5th 2010

I love walking, on the treadmill, track or around town. :)

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