the sandwich generation

DANCER - 2:09AM UTC, Jun 10th 2010

That's me, looking after dear old mum and still with kids needing financial and emotional support and I'm working full-time with a retired hubby who is the best wife around. The kids are rather 'big' now, 24 and 19 but doing their university thing - one living at home and one away - 7 hours away.

Just spending lots of my available time with Mum and loving it truly but it takes its toll. But helping her enjoy her last years is really all I want to do right now. Taking her out for drives and lunch to see the world, life is so small for her now that she cannot get out independently, walks with a walker and is frail.

We had a fab time yesterday because I discovered - very late in the piece I know - that malls have wheelchairs for customers. Its 5 years since we've been to a mall together!! I know that sounds awful but we have been doing picnics and cafes if one is near the carpark, etc, however our world opened up yesterday - what fun.....
but today I lost it with myself, because she stumbled getting into the car and grazed her shin - skin like paper, and boy did I lose it , poor hubby trying to help me got a blast as did every door I went through - had to slam them and say all manner of disgusting words.....
and Mum - so forgiving, she thinks I am the best person in the world.......

I guess I was just so angry that I hadn't been more attentive and now she has a laceration to deal with and only just getting over a blister on her heel. Anyway she was so gentle and forgiving when I apologised for my outburst, at least now I don't run to the frig for help anymore, and while writing this missive I have just realised that, I go to my CK blog and blog so there's a good change.

To all the sandwich generation people out there - hello - and whilst it has its moments of frustration it is still a great place to be:queen::clap::thumbu2::cross2: