KDBCOOPER - 5:48PM UTC, Sep 24th 2007

DFW, Texas

I'm Donna and I live in the Dallas, Texas area!

As you come join, introduce yourself, where you live and any other info you want. I love wine, and it has effected my weight. So now I'm working on my weight, and trying to figure out how keep keep my love of the grape.

Share your funny stories, great wine finds, or even your wine breakdowns.:drunk:

GATUN - 11:13PM UTC, Sep 18th 2008

I am glad to find this group as well. I live close to the Napa Valley and do alot of bike rides(road bike) in that area. Its really beautiful this time of year. I have been collecting wine for about 10 years. I like both whites(french style) and most reds. Trying to do a little extra miles for that glass as well.

LONGMONTKATHY - 5:03PM UTC, Sep 4th 2008


I'm pleased to find this group. I love my wine, but am trying to cut down to one glass a day. A 6 oz glass is sure small. I really do like that second glass, and I'm now trying to trick myself by pouring 2 small glasses for a total of 8 oz. Someone that feels OK. I stay in my calorie count by burning off the wine calories. I admit, it's an incentive to exercise to know that I can reward myself with a good chardonnay, buttery with a bit of oak.

CHEMMERLY - 6:14PM UTC, Jul 20th 2008


I'm a teacher and on summer break right now, so it's hard for me to keep it only to the weekends. Every day seems like a weekend day to me! But yes, I think only having at MOST one glass a day during the week and then maybe two or three glasses on a weekend evening sounds reasonable to me. As someone already mentioned earlier on this forum, going over a LITTLE one day a week isn't going to ruin us, (IMO). Also, whenever I know I'll probably have more than one glass a night, I try to add a little more to my workout that day—either in time or in intensity—to make up for the extra calories.

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GIRLNYELM - 11:13PM UTC, Mar 16th 2008


DDTHOMEY- Oh my gosh you crack me up.. I think we might be related. LOL


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ELIZA - 1:49AM UTC, Feb 26th 2008


Are you holding my cat? Your beautiful kitty looks like mine. My cat's name is Ginger Elvis. He and I enjoy a glass of wine or two in the evening and I know the diet would go better without it. (he only keeps me company) So I am trying to figure out the calorie count and exercise so I can do it. I am new to the program so I have figured out nothing yet but open to suggestions and encouragement.

CCLARK - 8:37PM UTC, Jan 22nd 2008

Sometimes to stop the cravings wine brings on, I just have another glass of wine.....but that is AWFUL advice, but somehow works! Then that extra glass sometimes leads to a good work out w/ my honey!"

:laugh5: I like the way you think!!! :y:

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MALARKEY - 5:19AM UTC, Jan 7th 2008

Seattle, WA

thanks for creating this group, Donna!

Ohhh I'm majorly into wine. Even have a wine cellar :tongue10: One way to avoid the cals and still 'enjoy' wine is to go to wine tastings and.....(here it comes) spit. At least you still get to taste a huge variety of wines, pick the ones you liked best, bring them home and save them for a 'free' day.

I have free days. I think one free day during the week is perfectly fine, after all, if you are dieting 5-6 days out of 7, you are still going to lose weight. I just can't drink everyday if I want to lose weight, so it's got to go. I'm going to endeavor to keep my wine drinking to the weekends.

KDBCOOPER - 2:34PM UTC, Oct 10th 2007

DFW, Texas

hehehe-- no fritos for your evening workou:eyebrows:t!! haha

DDTHOMEY - 6:42PM UTC, Oct 6th 2007

Milwaukee, WI

Sometimes to stop the cravings wine brings on, I just have another glass of wine.....but that is AWFUL advice, but somehow works! Then that extra glass sometimes leads to a good work out w/ my honey! ;)

ADDIEJ - 5:25PM UTC, Oct 5th 2007

:hi: Kathy,
Usually I just make sure to leave extra room in my calorie count. Ex. I'm allowed 1390, so I try to be at 1100 after dinner (I log my food before I eat it!), so I can have a glass of wine and maybe some cheese :) I also make sure to get a workout in if it's a wine and cheese night, that way I can sort of counter balance any over-snacking I might have done =D

Hope it helps!
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DEEPEACE12 - 4:10AM UTC, Oct 4th 2007

Arizona and Mexico

I was hoping someone would create a wine group! At the same time, I feel a bit hesitant about it since drinking wine usually causes me to eat more.

How do others deal with that aspect of wine?

Thanks - Kathy

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DDTHOMEY - 8:32PM UTC, Sep 26th 2007

Milwaukee, WI

YAY! Now this forum is right up my alley! Thanks for letting me know about it KDB! I'll be back later! :rolling1:

MARGIT37 - 11:14PM UTC, Sep 24th 2007


Oopps... like I said - I am pretty new to forums. I did another post instead of replying. And that without a single sip of wine yet....