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SUEAUSTIN - 7:36PM UTC, May 3rd 2010

The oldest copy of CK Counter that I can find around the house is dated 2001. That should tell you that I've joined before; however, I'm back. This time I want this to work as I have two years to fit my Portugal Profile: drop several dress sizes, get flexible enough to walk stairs and inclines, have enough energy to explore shops in Portugal, and still be able to visit and taste Port in the Houses on the Douro.

Need I say that I love wine?

The group membership list indicates that there are 80 members of this group....I'm hoping that I'll get great ideas from you and I'll lend a suggestion when I can.

SUEAUSTIN - 1:34PM UTC, May 11th 2010

My husband has a very sophisticated palate...he can detect cherries, tobacco, etc. My palate is bimodal: I like it or I don't.

We made a trip to Minnesota last year and came through Iowa....stopping at several wineries. We stopped at La Vida Loca....a winery at hubby had noticed on their website that that made a Jalapeno-Raisin Wine. This must be a hobby that has gone very bad....none-the-less, the Vitner was nice and, as always, we had a good time visiting with the people that had managed to find their way there too. The Jalapeno-Raisin is sitting in our cellar....someday we'll take it out and try it....we have a set of recipes that we got at the winery for some marinades....that probably will work.

So, the way to make the neighborhood thing work is just do it. One Friday night put a sign at the end of your street announcing the event. Set one table out and some chairs. Make it simple so that it truly is bringing whatever you have on hand. Ask someone who comes if they will host the following month. You don't want cost to be the barrier to getting together.

In Central Texas we can do this year round....up MN way you'll have to adapt for the winter months....oh, that's a good chunck of the year up sister used to live in Owatonna. Take advantage of the spring and summer to get it will figure out how to manage by the time the first snow falls.

Let me know about your next good label...perhaps I can find in down here.

SCHMIDTD7 - 1:07AM UTC, May 11th 2010


I'm not sure either about the forums or groups, but know that they separate them. I am a member of several groups, including the wine lovers. sounds so fun that you get together with your neighbors like that. My twin sister's neighborhood does that in Iowa. Would love that here in MN. My husband laughs at me because I choose wines by the label. If I like the label I will try it. :-) works most of the time...
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SUEAUSTIN - 9:22PM UTC, May 7th 2010

Perhaps you can tell me how CK groups, blogs, and messages work.

At the top of my home page (?) there is a tab that indicates messages. Does that show only messages from CK administrators?

What is the difference between a group and formum response. I noticed that one group indicated that you had to be a member to post and that you had to fill out an application to join....what's that all about?

So, my neighbors are just great! Once a month or so we all get together out on someone's rotates among houses. The format is bring an appetitizer and a bottle of wine. Tonight we are gathering. I've hoarded 1000 calories for the evening. Wish me luck as I am trying my best to be faithful about recording what goes into my mouth.

This is my second week and I have to say that I like the graphs. My task is to reduce the number of fat calories and split the difference with protein and carbs. Sounds so simple.

We found a lovely little wine at Central of two wonderful gourmet grocery stores that we have in Austin. The wine is Kitchen Sink...we have tried the white but not the red. The white was delighful....a nice back porch affordable wine. When we saw the label, we thought oh that is just too weird....but certainly in keeping with our fair city's moto: Keep Austin Weird. We bought it....besides my hubby pointed out that it was on sale.....that's a real plus for him.

Once I figure out how all this works, I'll get better about checking and responding.

MARGIT37 - 11:16PM UTC, May 5th 2010


Welcome - I am back again as well and haven't been very successful in the past.
I blame the wine on my weight loss and will try to register everything I eat and/or drink every day. The funny thing is: when I do keep my journal I see why I have these extra 25 pounds on my hips - so I stop the journal and have a nice glass of wine instead :bang:

Portugal sounds like a great reason to loose weight.


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