SELLENG72 - 5:48PM UTC, Apr 16th 2008

A wine lover's group?! What luck…I'm a wine lover, too. So I have a question for you…do any of you also find it discouraging to see what percent of your calories are from alcohol (available on your daily diary)? Twenty percent?! Geez, that was a really good day, too. Only 2 glasses. Imagine what a normal weekend would say. At least on the weekends I tend to hit Moe's at least once, so those 1300 calories in one sitting should even out the percent of calories from alcohol, right?…wait, that does not make me feel better. Welp, at least I know there is a whole group of us out there. Cheers!

CHEMMERLY - 6:08PM UTC, Jul 20th 2008


Hear, hear on recording those glasses of wine on the ol' daily calorie intake. It's just depressing. I'm trying to stay below 1000 calories/day right now (net after exercise) and it's darn near impossible after a few glasses of wine. (sigh)

Here's to drinking fewer glasses, but splurging on better wine and sipping it s--l--o--w--l--y!!


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LAURAJEANTAPP - 1:26PM UTC, Apr 25th 2008

Great to see a wine lovers group!! I'm a bottle-a-day girl too. I've only started recoring my wine intake this week, and it is indeed discouraging. Good thing my dietician doesn't know....

KDBCOOPER - 5:09PM UTC, Apr 22nd 2008

DFW, Texas

Yes, I think my love of the vine is the reason for some added weight. When you start going to wine tastings, etc. It's crazy!!

GIRLNYELM - 8:10AM UTC, Apr 20th 2008


Ohhhh yes! I'm a bottle at a time, several days of the week- over 500 cals. When you only have 1390 cals alotted to you it makes it rough! LOL When you're actually logging it, it makes it a lot easier to cut back in those other areas (Hmmm... maybe I'll eat some baby carrots instead of that string cheese..). Summer's coming- we can do this!


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