Socializing and Wine

BRIDETOBE - 4:03AM UTC, Apr 5th 2010

Sunny Isles Beach (Miami), FL

Well here's what I've tried to do to cut down on the wine, just stop keeping bottles at home. I've found that if I don't have any bottles at home, then when I get a craving for a chilled glass of Pinot I'm more likely to think twice about going to the store and picking up a bottle. HOWEVER, my friends are also wine drinkers. We often invite eachother out for a glass of wine to relax, catch up, and/or vent about whatever. Now that I'm trying to lay off of it, I need to figure out other ways of being social. I know it might sound simple to some, but I think the "winos" (like myself) in this group understand that it's hard to find something better to do with your friends than have some wine. So...who here understands and who has ideas of alternatives?

ANIMATION - 9:33PM UTC, Nov 27th 2010

Los Angeles

Yes, club soda or seltzer. As long as it doesn't have calories, you're all set!

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JACKIEH4 - 5:46PM UTC, Nov 24th 2010

New Orleans

Thanks for posting! I was wondering what happened to the wine lovers. How exactly do you make a spritzer? Do you just add club soda?

ANIMATION - 9:15PM UTC, Nov 22nd 2010

Los Angeles

I'm in the same boat. Love Red. Love White. Love Rose. Some of my friends have told me to try and make my white wine a spritzer. If you are a serious wine drinker, then you might not be too keen on the idea. But if it's just recreation & social like I drink, it's worth it to save the calories. I can still drink with my friends, but half of what I'm actually drinking has 0 calories.

KRAT - 9:41PM UTC, Aug 21st 2010


I definitely agree, but don't have a solution for you. Taking a walk would be great, but it's hotter than the surface of the sun in Texas right now. And not everyone wants to do that or can make that work after work. I hope someone posts some good ideas!

KRISBIRD27 - 11:08PM UTC, Aug 14th 2010

I am in the same boat - I am in the middle of a one week experiment to cut out alcohol completely, which if you knew me is incredibly difficult. I find myself being anti-social because most of what my friends do is drink together. It's hard to be around them while they sip the from the magic glasses!