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For Weight Loss, Calories Are King

Why are calories king? If you pull away the trappings of any effective weight-loss program, you ll find all that s left in the end is calorie balancing. Whether you're eating less, exercising more, cutting carbs or limiting fat, calories are the bottom line. It s a simple truth that...

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Can I Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight?

Yes, is the short answer. If you think that denying yourself all of your favorite chocolates, snacks, and alcoholic drinks is necessary to lose weight, think again. In fact, denial is a sure way to make yourself really want something! And you can bet that if you do give in...

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Naturally-Occurring Sugars Versus Added Sugars

When you think of sugar you probably picture the white granules you stir into your coffee. Actually, this is just one form of sugar, called sucrose, that is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet. Sugars basically fall into one of two groups: Naturally-occurring sugars This term refers to sugars...

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Contributing Authors: Susan Brown-Neaves, Joan Bushman, MPH, RD, Anna Delany, Rawinia Gregory