Can I Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight?


ChocolateYes, is the short answer. If you think that denying yourself all of your favorite chocolates, snacks, and alcoholic drinks is necessary to lose weight, think again.

In fact, denial is a sure way to make yourself really want something! And you can bet that if you do give in to a "forbidden food", you won't just stop at one serving, and you may end up bingeing. This outcome won't help you lose weight at all.

A better approach is to allow yourself treats from time to time, but to regard them as treats to be enjoyed occasionally, not as everyday staples.

Doing a little extra exercise can also help you have more calories left for occasional treats. For example, you could burn off 100 calories by taking a 30-minute walk, and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine with dinner. Just be sure to accurately record the amount of exercise you do and the treat you have so you don't end up consuming more calories than you intended. But if one taste of your favorite treat will lead you to devour the rest without another thought, then your trigger foods are best left alone! Stick to treats you can control.