Can I Eat Fast Food and Still Lose Weight?

While fast food is often high in calories, it is of course possible to eat it and still lose weight. The secret is to be aware of what you are eating and stick to your recommended calorie intake for the day. If the number of calories and fat in your meal choice is within your recommended intake, you won’t add any extra pounds.

So do what it takes to track the calories you eat!

  •  Keep a copy of The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat, and Carbohydrate Counter with you in your car, and in your bag or briefcase. That way you can check the nutritional info before you order.
  • If you don’t have the information at hand, ask a server for the nutritional data. It’s usually on display somewhere in the restaurant. 
  • Become familiar with what’s on the menus of fast-food restaurants you frequent and figure out which are the smartest choices. Carry a list in your wallet if you need to!
  • Stick to your recommended amount of calories each day (if you're a CalorieKing member it means reaching your Calorie Target).