Does Skipping Meals Help With Weight Loss?

Ever met one of those people who repeatedly and proudly say: "I haven’t eaten anything all day. I skipped breakfast and lunch!"? They probably think this translates to great self-control and slimmer thighs.

But they're wrong. It’s a proven fact that people who eat a nutritious breakfast are generally better off in terms of health and weight than those who skip out. Erratic eating habits disrupt normal metabolic functions. When you don't eat for a long period (this can be several hours, not days) your body thinks it’s starving and begins to slow down to conserve energy (calories) for future use. The end result is that your body holds onto calories rather than burning them. When you do eat, because it's still in storage mode, your body is taken by surprise and may not metabolize as efficiently.

For best results in meeting your weight and health goals, include a healthy breakfast every day of the week, instead of skipping it.