Eating After 8PM...


There's a popular myth that eating after eight leads to weight gain because your body doesn't have the chance to burn the food off through activity.

However, your body uses calories no matter what time of the day you consume them. And your body also stores any extra calories it does not need as fat no matter what time of the day you consume them. What’s important is how many calories you eat during the whole day and how many you burn off. Your calorie intake doesn’t change just because you eat after eight! And your body doesn’t store more fat because it’s night time.

The morsel of truth to this myth is that people who eat little or nothing during the day and then consume all their calories in the evening are often more overweight than those who eat regular meals spread throughout the day. That’s because regular meals help to control appetite and metabolism. Eat two hours before sleeping as night-time eating can also interfere with sleeping patterns.